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Combat Flip Flops: The Floperator and La Chancla

Our friends at Combat Flip Flops are dropping two new styles for spring: The Floperator and La Chancla. The company is expanding on their popular collection of bomb proof, badass flip flops that do good for others while making your feet oh so comfy. Let’s take a closer look at both new designs …

combat flip flops floperatorThe Floperator
This new set of flip flops takes tacticool to a whole new level. Combat boot rubber outsole? Check. Nylon? Check. Section of loop for your favorite patches? Hell yes! Made in Bogota, Colombia, the Floperator comes complete with “Bad for Running” and “Worse for Fighting” patches and is available in either OD Green or Coyote nylon. Combat Flip Flops has sizes 7 through 14 and orders start shipping spring of 2016. Reserve your Floperator now for $44.99 on the Combat Flip Flops website.

combat flip flops la chanclaLa Chancla
Roughly translated, “la chancla” are flips flops or house sandals used to my Hispanic mothers to keep their children and husbands in check. If you see la chancla come of the foot, it’s time to run! Designed specifically for the ladies, La Chancla comes in either black, pink, or blue nylon straps and features a rugged, yet comfortable combat boot rubber outsole. Made in Bogota, Colombia, La Chanclas are available in sizes 5 through 10 and will be shipping in spring 2016 as well. You can reserve your set for $34.99 on the Combat Flip Flops website.

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