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Review: LALO Tactical Grinder

I would be completely happy being barefoot as much as possible if it weren’t for those “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service” signs. That being said, I have tried a lot of athletic shoes – practically every brand – in search of comfort. I have been leaning towards the minimalist styles for years due to many knee surgeries as a result of my athletic lifestyle. About six months ago, I stumbled across a brand called LALO Tactical. After hearing good things, I decided to try out a pair of the LALO Tactical Grinder shoes.

LALO Tactical GrinderWhen you find a good shoe, you stick with it. For years my favorite was the New Balance Minimus. I’ve owned countless pairs of them, but got frustrated after they kept changing up the design every year. I wasn’t too crazy about the last pair or two that I had so I started search for something new. I switched to the Brooks PureFlow, which I still like, but I was excited to test out the LALO Tactical Grinder and see how they held up against the other brands.

LALO Tactical GrinderLALO Tactical was founded to honor those that choose to serve their country as the best of the best by creating equipment designed to meet those tough demands. They use high-quality materials and you can see the attention to detail when it comes to the craftsmanship.

LALO Tactical GrinderTheir BUDS line are mid-foot mobility shoes that are designed for a wide range of cross-training activities. They are made with slip-resistant injection molded rubber outer soles and breathable moisture-wicking and water shedding anti-microbial linings. They also feature the LALO Anti-Inversion technology, the LALO OCF Fit System, and a toe cap “Super Fabric”. The “Super Fabric” is a fabric overlay made with tiny armor plates that resist abrasion and protect the foot.

LALO Tactical GrinderAs I write this review, I can honestly say that I like everything about them. I’ve had them for more than six months now and put them through some heavy use on a variety of terrain. I even tested them in water at the beach and crossing streams. They have performed exactly as I would have expected and held up incredibly well. They have great construction, fit great, and the soles are very stable and grip nicely. My feet tend to always be warm so I really liked the fact that the Grinders have a lot of ventilation holes. In the colder months, I simply wore warmer socks and they were awesome. Overall, I’d highly recommend give them a try if you’re looking for something new and will hold up against an active lifestyle.

LALO Tactical GrinderFor more information on the LALO Tactical line up shoes, or to pick yourself up a pair of the Grinders and try them out for yourself, visit their website.

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