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Review: Griffon Industries iPad Mini Case

Even before I bought my iPad Mini, I was looking at cases to carry it in. I waffled back and forth between a hard case and a protective sleeve that I could just use while it was in transit. The hard case idea seemed nice, but I wasn’t in a hurry to add bulk to the iPad since one of the reasons I bought the Mini in the first place was its size. When it came to soft case options, I wasn’t interested in the vanilla dime-a-dozen options found at the big box stories or on Amazon. Then I discovered the Griffon Industries iPad Mini Case.

Griffon Industries iPad Mini Case The iPad Mini Case is part of Griffon’s “GI Cube” line of soft sided cases. Made from 1050D ballistic nylon, heavy-duty iPad Mini Case features a protective sleeve with a large, fold over flap to secure the iPad in place. The case measures roughly 8.5 inches by 6.5 inches and around an inch thick when the iPad Mini is inside of it.

Griffon Industries iPad Mini CaseThe inside of the case features an ultra soft material that’s slightly padded to protect your iPad. The Mini slides in and out easily, but the sleeve has just enough tension to keep it securely in place so it won’t accidentally come of the case. I like how deep the pocket it is and how the rigidity of the stitched seams protect the corners of it.

Griffon Industries iPad Mini CaseOn the front of the case is a large, oversized pocket with a small hook and loop closure. The pocket is perfectly sized to fit your charger, ear buds, or any other small accessories or cables you need. I liked how they stitched the front pocket so it folds flat when not in use, but can expand when needed. The front, fold over flap features also inch section of loop so you can attach one of your favorite patches. There is also a single loop section of molle for attaching some Steel Flame goodness or to clip your stylus on. Just like the other cases in the GI Cube line, the Griffon Industries iPad Mini Case is made in the USA. The case retails for $69.99 and is available in four color combinations: Black, Grey, Woodland, and Multicam. To learn more about the iPad Mini Case, or to see the other cases available from Griffon Industries, check out their website.

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