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Review: Campfire In A Can

Never before has a product been so well described by its name. It is indeed exactly what it says it is – Campfire in a Can. Simply put, it s well thought out campfire, contained in a rigid, metal can. In the modern age, we are faced with a challenge. Man learned how to capture and harness fire as a tool for survival. While we as a species have gained many advantages from the understanding of fire, in this age of protectiveness and societal correctness, our base instinct to harness fire has been forgotten and pushed aside.

Review Campfire In A CanHowever, the Tribe has not forgotten our history. A major part of who we are revolves around fire. Whether it is cooking, warmth, light, or camaraderie – each of these are found in the soft reddish-orange glow of a campfire. With restrictions and other limitations placed on having open fires at many campgrounds or parks, we can’t always build a campfire where we want. Nothing can replace the warmth of a real campfire, but Campfire In A Can might just be the next best thing!

The Campfire In A Can’s unassuming aluminum cover is held in place by spring clips that attach it to the metal base. Once the clips are removed, it reveals a simple device. Unrolling the hose and connecting a standard propane cylinder is all it takes to get it going. Open the valve, light a match or spark up a lighter, and instantly you have a warm glow tickling the fake logs found within. While the logs might be a bit much in the daylight, they really come to life in the darkness of night. The Campfire In A Can’s simple, rugged construction is meant for adventure travel. It’s a product that meets the needs of who we are as a tribe.

Campfire In A CanWhile at first glance you may think this canned contraption is just for warmth and ambiance, you can cook on it as well! The fire pit comes with a metal grate that can be used from everything to warming up morning coffee or heating up your evening stew. There is no more searching for wood or trying to scrounge for dry tinder with blurry morning eyes. Just turn on your Campfire In A Can and you’ll get warm enough to start your day.

Does the Campfire In A Can replace a real camp fire? HELL NO, but it works in a pinch. The heat from the fire is insulated from the base so you can use the Campfire In A Can on a table or your deck. You can use the lid as a stand and set in on the ground. Turn it up high for maximum heat or down low for the ambiance of the flame. In all honesty, I didn’t think that I would like the Campfire In a Can. I avoided buying for years. It seemed so fake or artificial. However, after buying one and using it, I like it. I like it A LOT. Now I’m glad I own one and I questions why I waited so long to pick one up.

Review Campfire In A CanThe Campfire In A Can isn’t some small, ultra-portable device you’d toss in your backpack. It’s meant for the car camping and overland crowd. It’s meant for folks with a few extra cubic feet of space to spare in your car, truck, or trailer. You could adapt the hose to green cans and other sources of fuel, or simply head down to your local home improvement store and pick up an extra propane tank like you would use on your grill at home. I will tell you this, as I sit next to the warm glow of the flame as a I write this review on my deck, I find myself drawn to it like a moth to the flame.

Review Campfire In A CanAfter some heavy use at the MOTUS East Coast Conclave, I have some data on the performance of the Campfire In A Can. It generates a reasonable amount of light and heat on a lower flame setting (roughly 2-3 inches of flame showing.) At this setting, the Campfire In A Can will burn for roughly 30 +/- hours on a single propane tank (the size one generally uses for a grill at home.) There is a fair amount of soot that collects on the fake logs. One should be conscious of this after use as it will get all over your hands, face, clothes, etc.

We used the Campfire In A Can as a secondary campfire at our campsite for the Conclave. What was interesting is that as the normal circle of chairs around the fire formed, no one seemed to even notice this was propane fueled warmth. The canned campfire still brought the tribe together as one. As we moved into the wee hours of the morning and it was time for folks to crawl off to their tents, we simply turned the valve to off the fire was out. When it was time to pack up and head home, it was awesome to roll up the hose and put the lid on the Campfire In A Can. It was simple, easy clean up. The best thing about this is, it’s a campfire, in a can.

Review Campfire In A CanFor more information on Campfire In A Can and learn more about the various models available, please visit their website.

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