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ARB Remote Fridge Monitor

If own an ARB Fridge, you might want to take a closer look at ARB’s new Remote Fridge Monitor ($80). The all-new digital monitor allows you to remotely keep an eye on the status of your fridge from the comfort of the front of your vehicle’s front seat. Now you will never have any doubt if your fridge is working like a champ and keeping those beverages frosty or those New York strips at the perfect temperature.

ARB Remote Fridge MonitorThe ARB Remote Fridge Monitor displays your fridge’s operating conditions like internal temperature, supply voltage, and compressor status. The large display is backlit for easy viewing in both heavy and low light situations. Temperature can be displayed in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. If you happen to run multiple ARB Fridges in your setup, perhaps one in your truck and one in your camper or trailer, the monitor can display up to two fridges with the addition of second remote transmitter.

ARB Remote Fridge MonitorThe monitor utilizes wireless transmitting technology to keep you updated in real-time. The monitor has a range of 100 feet line of sight, or 50 feet if the transmission is interrupted by the fridge being inside an enclosed area of your truck or trailer. You can also adjust the transmission frequency on the monitor so if more than one person is using the monitors you won’t have any transmission interference. One important thing to note is that the ARB Remote Fridge Monitor is only compatible with ARB Fridge/Freezers manufactured after mid-2014. Want to know if your fridge is compatible? Check the back of the fridge for a “T” shaped receptacle on the back next to the DC socket (as shown above). Within the fridge options menu, you can see if the fridge displays the option CH1 when scrolling through the menu.

ARB Remote Fridge MonitorIncluded in the ARB Remote Fridge Monitor kit (10900026) is the remote display, quick release mounting bracket, antennae, power source, sender unit, and mounting hardware. The kit retails for $80 and is in stock and now shipping from online retailers or your local ARB authorized retailer. For more details and information about the ARB Remote Fridge Monitor, check out ARB’s website.


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