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AEV Ram Prospector Package Now Available

Let’s be honest here. I think we can all agree that the American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) customized Ram Trucks have been some of the best looking pickups we’ve seen in a long time. Regardless of if you are a Toyota fan or a Ford guy, the staunch and rugged look of the AEV Ram is something that commands a presence. While the tray back model dazzled us at SEMA last year, it was the new Prospector model that caught our attention at Overland Expo.

AEV Ram Trucks ProspectorBack in April, AEV announced the release of their full lineup of Ram aftermarket parts and accessories. From the new Premium Front Bumper to the sexy looking Katla and Salta HD wheels, Ram owners were now able to customize their own trucks to give them that distinctive AEV look. After the launch, it had most of our editorial team surfing the Ram Trucks website trying to figure what it would cost to build a new Ram pickup using the AEV aftermarket parts. Well, now the number crunching and decision making process got even easier with the launch of AEV’s new turnkey Prospector package.

aev-ram-premium-front-bumperThe AEV Ram Prospector package, which starts at $13,925, includes the AEV’s Premium Front Bumper, HD 3″ DualSport SC Suspension, and your choice of Katla or Salta wheels. Other upgrades include: AEV badging, instrument cluster, logo headrests, serialized build plaque, and a painted grille and rear bumper. The complete package can be ordered through your local AEV dealer or directly through AEV by calling them directly at (248) 926-0256. For a complete overview of all the options and choices available in the new Prospector package, visit the “Build and Price” page on the AEV website. Looks like it’s time to revisit the Ram website again …

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