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Review: YETI Rambler Tumbler

If you are in the market for an insulated beverage cup, check out the YETI Rambler Tumblers. I have been using the both of the Rambler Tumblers for about a year now and they are bomb proof! I have dropped these things quite a few times and while it may scuff or ding them, they take the beating and keep on going. Made from 18/8 stainless steel, the double-wall vacuum insulated tumblers come in 20 and 30-ounce sizes. They feature a tough, BPA-free clear plastic lid, and keep my drinks cold or hot for much longer than what I was using before.Review YETI Rambler TumblerReview YETI Rambler TumblerOne of the nice things about the double wall construction of the YETI Rambler Tumblers is that they do not sweat. This is a big plus when you live in a humid environment like I do. The lid to the tumbler has an added rubber o-ring gasket to keep it securely in place and to prevent from coming loose. A nice feature is that the o-ring is removable so you can wash underneath it, keeping the groove it sits in clean and free of funk. I like the clear lid as I can see how much beverage I have remaining in the tumbler without having to remove the lid. This also helps keeps your beverage insulated for a longer period of time.

The 20-ounce version is the tumbler that gets the most use from me. Although it holds less than its 30-ounce big brother, I find it easier to use on a daily basis. It does not take up as much real estate on my desk while I am at work or in the truck when I am driving from point A to B. It’s also easy to stuff in a bag when it’s not in use. The YETI Rambler works great for my morning coffee and stays hot until lunchtime. I usually give it a quick rinse, fill it with ice and my beverage of choice, and then it stays cold well past quitting time.Review YETI Rambler TumblerOne thing I appreciate is that YETI was definitely paying attention when they designed the 30-ounce version of the Rambler. They tapered the bottom portion of the tumbler to fit most vehicle cup holders. It’s not one of these awkward monster mugs you’d have trouble managing in your rig. The tapered bottom also makes it easier to hold onto the cup with one hand.

While it is nice to have the extra volume of the 30-ounce tumbler, is quite large and can be knocked over easily since it’s a little stop heavy. The large size also makes drinking from the cup while driving a little challenging as it blocks your line of sight when you tip the cup up to take a drink. If you are going to rock the big boy, I would highly recommend using a straw if you plan to use this size while operating a vehicle.Review YETI Rambler TumblerOverall, the YETI Rambler Tumblers are hands down two of my favorite cups. I like them so much that I own three of the 20-ounce size and one of the 30-ounce size – and they all get used quite frequently! The 20-ounce version retails for $29.99 and the 30-ounce it just ten dollars more at $39.99. I think the money has been well spent as they are a tough, rugged, hard use cup that will go the distance. There is nothing better than keeping your coffee hotter longer or having that ice-cold beverage well after working or enjoying the outdoors.

For more information on the YETI Rambler Tumblers, check out the YETI website.

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