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New Practical Application of Precision Marksmanship Course

MOTUS is pleased to announced that our first Practical Application of Precision Marksmanship course will be launching next month. The class is designed to give shooters the basic foundational skills to engage a target out to 500 meters. Planned with a “come as you are” approach in mind, the PAPM course is not tied to a specific rifle, caliber, or optical setup. With proper equipment and a basic understanding of the fundamentals, an accurate hit at 500 meters if very attainable.

motus trainingThe PAPM course will focus on a few key areas:

  • Equipment review
  • Rifle and scope function
  • Basic Rifle Marksmanship
  • Alternate Firing Positions
  • Establishing a zero
  • Introductory Ballistics (with the focus on external ballistics)

The course is built around the hunter or recreational target shooter. Whether shooting at steel or paper on the range, or shooting an animal during a hunt, the principles required to do that successfully remain unchanged. A secondary goal of the MOTUS Training team is to give shooters the knowledge needed to improve and continue the learning process after attending. With so much information and dis-information out there, MOTUS wanted to provide this as a rock solid starting point from which anyone can build on. The over all goal of the PAPM course is for students to have fun in a safe environment. Enjoying the process, and seeing the results of what you can do with your rifle, is the best way to start down the road of learning marksmanship. Whether you are looking to score higher on the range or bag that trophy buck, this foundation will get you well on your way.

Dates for the two-day course, which will be held in central Florida, will be announced next week. Future dates and locations will be released in the weeks ahead. MOTUS Training members will have early access to registration and reduced pricing before the course goes on sale to the general public.


Photo courtesy of Jordan Sherwood / semperfiarmor.com

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