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RECAP: MOTUS Training x Ironworks Tactical Handgun Fundamentals

Two weeks ago, a group of MOTUS Training students gathered in SoCal at Prado Olympic Shooting Park for our first Ironworks Tactical Handgun Fundamentals class. This one day pistol course focused on safety and accuracy, while teaching students the proper fundamentals of marksmanship. Some of the day’s topics included: firearms safety, loading and unloading, grip ,stance, slight alignment/sight picture, and trigger control.

IWT Handgun Fundamentals

Learning from professionals about proper grip, stance, sight picture and sight alignment, recoil management, target transitioning, proper reloading techniques, how to clear malfunctions, how to smooth out my trigger pull, and how to feel where the trigger resets was priceless. – Mark Thomas

With a low student to instructor ratio, each student received a lot of direct feedback and hands-on instruction throughout the course of the day. Using the core fundamentals as building blocks, IWT instructors built upon each lesson while never having students lose sight of the basics. One student commented in the feedback, “I thought it was great that you focused on the same fundamentals in the same manner. Getting one consistent message over the course of the day certainly made it easier to retain the information.”

IWT Handgun FundamentalsMany students really enjoyed the the small class size. Since the Ironworks Tactical classes are capped at ten shooters per class, students felt like they could get the individual attention they needed to get tips and ask questions on how to improve their own shooting skills. They also felt that the IWT class was a controlled and safe environment to learn in – something that’s important to both new and seasoned shooters.

With the class size capped at ten students with three instructors, everyone got lots of attention and one on one coaching. The instructors first priority was ensuring everyone’s safety, after that it was providing a fun and informative class.  – Mark Thomas

Photo Apr 25At the end of the class, students got to try their hand at the challenging MOTUS 666 Drill! We’re happy to report that a handful of new shooters will be added to the exclusive club of marksman that have conquered the challenge. All in all, it was a great day and the Handgun Fundamentals class was a huge success!

If you missed out on April’s class, MOTUS Training has another Ironworks Tactical Handgun Fundamentals class coming up on Saturday, May 30th. It promises to be another great day at the range with students getting professional instruction in both a fun and safe environment. Spotting are already filling up, so if you’re thinking about signing up now is the time. See you in a couple of weeks at Prado!

Class photos courtesy of Cifaldi Photography.

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