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Mystery Ranch ASAP vs 1DAP: Brothers, Not Twins

Since I’ve already done a full-review on the Mystery Ranch ASAP pack, I thought it might be a great idea to do a ASAP versus 1 Day Assault Pack (1DAP) comparison. While the 1 Day Assault Pack has been designed initially for the Asian market (thus the reason you won’t find it listed on the US website), there are more and more of them beginning to crop up in the US and Europe. Let’s take a closer look at the key differences. Surprisingly, there are many more than you might catch at first glance. Also, on all side-by-side comparison images in this article, the ASAP is on the left and the 1DAP is on the right. Let’s begin …

Mystery Ranch ASAP and 1 Day Assualt PackThe general volume and outline of each pack is the same. However, you will immediately notice a difference in the webbing patterns on the packs. The ASAP has the front covered with PALS, which gives it very military look. The 1DAP has vertical webbing on it, making it incompatible with molle pouches but better optimized for carabiner use and the attachment of climbing equipment (ice axes, walking poles etc.). This makes 1DAP look like a ‘small 3DAP’, while the ASAP has more ‘small Komodo Dragon’ styling. The 1DAP has also bold logo-patch versus the more stealth logo on ASAP.

Mystery Ranch ASAP and 1 Day Assualt PackThe side PALS the on 1DAP (right) run considerably higher than those on the ASAP (left), which provides better attachment points for a variety of long pockets, large knives in LBS sheaths, or dump pouches. When attached to the ASAP, some dump pouches tend to hang below the pack and dangle uncomfortably.

Mystery Ranch ASAP and 1 Day Assualt PackThe ASAP (left) has a regular Futura Yoke (available in S, M, XL sizes) whereas the 1DAP (right) features the Futura Lite. The Futura Lite straps are about 0.5 inch narrower and 1 inch shorter than the standard Futura straps in the Medium size. Both yokes offer the same back length so it is easy to adjust for almost any individual (I’m 186cm and I am not even at half of the adjustment). The Futura Lite also does not have the plastic inserts/stiffeners in the middle of the shoulders, making the Lite version considerably more comfortable with loads below 10 pounds and worn over just a t-shirt. It fits better and follows the shoulder lines perfectly even with low-weight EDC loads. However, the regular Futura is still the better of the two for heavy loads (water, weapons, ammo, etc) and works better when wearing heavy and bulky body armor. So for combat I would go choose the ASAP over the 1DAP.

Mystery Ranch ASAP and 1 Day Assualt PackOn the ASAP (left), the yoke is connected to the pack body via fastex buckles and standard D-buckles on 1DAP (right). Fastex buckles on the ASAP have been added to allow pack to be worn directly on ballistic vest, without the yoke. For 99% of users (including me) this does not matter. On a side note, the Futura Yoke and Futura Lite are fully interchangeable, meaning you can put a regular Futura on 1DAP and vice versa.

Mystery Ranch ASAP and 1 Day Assualt PackThe hydration ports are different on the packs as well. The 1DAP (right) is like ‘mini 3DAP’ with two short zippers on the sided of the pack. The ASAP (left) has one big hydration port located on the top of the pack. The 1DAP looks cooler for sure, but the ASAP is more practical as doubles as a means to grab small items from within the pack (map, compass, etc.).

Mystery Ranch ASAP and 1 Day Assualt PackAbove you can clearly notice the difference in strap length. Also take a look at the lumbar area of the back. The 1DAP (right) is more anatomically shaped there, with a separate section to fit your lower back just perfectly! Again, the ASAP (left) is a combat pack optimized for body armor use, so there is no need to overcomplicate its design, leaving the 1DAP just slightly more refined in this area.

Mystery Ranch ASAP and 1 Day Assualt PackThe yoke plate is also a bit different on both packs as the ASAP (left) is fitted with simple thermoplastic insert and the 1DAP (right) has a sewn-in adjustable aluminum stay, aiding in the ability to adjust it perfectly to your back…if you really need to as mine was perfect straight out of the box.

imageThe shoulder straps on the ASAP (left) are sewn-in a tiny bit lower than on the 1DAP (right), which again is made to accommodate a better fit on bulky armor. The 1DAP is optimized for wearing t-shirts and jackets. There is also a thin stabilizing waist belt on the ASAP with stow-pockets and no waist belt of any kind on the 1DAP. The stabilization strap feature on the ASAP is quite handy when skiing or biking with a small pack, so again, it is clearly an action versus EDC difference.

Mystery Ranch ASAP and 1 Day Assualt PackThe packs’ bottoms are nearly the same with just minor sewing differences. The most important is that the Stick-it beaver tail pocket fits on both packs! This is great news for me as I really like Stick-it pocket concept.

Mystery Ranch ASAP and 1 Day Assualt PackMystery Ranch ASAP and 1 Day Assualt PackMystery Ranch ASAP and 1 Day Assualt PackFinally, let’s take a look at the interior. The ASAP is a very straightforward design, optimized for outdoor & combat use. You can stuff your gear and clothes inside the side pockets, and attach critical items to the PALS on the back of ASAP. The 1DAP is clearly the more sophisticated pack in this area. There is a big (lightly padded) pocket on the back, which ends about 5 inches before the very bottom of the pack making it a perfect and safe storage area for a laptop (up to 14”), tablet, or photo equipment. When you put the pack on hard surface the delicate gear stays a safe distance from the surface on which the pack is resting. This ensures there is very little chance to crash your gear when putting pack on the ground, which is exactly the opposite with the ASAP. Whatever you have in your pack, just hits the ground (especially when the pack is in EDC-mode and not full of clothes, which could act as a buffer). So the recommendation is the same as in other points of this comparison. The 1DAP is more for ‘urban ninja’ types and the ASAP is for combat personnel or the outdoor enthusiast. There are also two mesh pockets inside the 1DAP, which are great for small EDC items, plus you can clip your pen and/or folding knife behind the big central pocket. If you look closely at the last image, you can see my Spartan pen in the picture to get an idea of what you can do on both sides.

So, which Mystery Ranch pack is better? Which one is cooler? Which one should you get? Well, the answer is easy. If you can, get both! Use the 1DAP for EDC and/or urban use and the ASAP for the hitting the range or other outdoor activities. However, if you can grab only one of these two packs, I would say that the Mystery Ranch ASAP is the more ‘do it all’ pack of the two. The 1DAP is super cool looking. It’s specialized as an EDC pack and I really like the protection it offers for my camera and iPad as a day-to-day user. That being said, the ASAP pack with its more robust harness, stabilizing waist belt, full PALS, and modular interior can be equipped to do any job, anywhere, anytime. So in my case, I plan to keep both for now – the 1DAP at home and the ASAP in my country cabin.

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