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The MOTUS 666 Drill Explained

motus trainingSince we launched the MOTUS 666 Drill for MOTUS Training members, we’ve had quite a few questions about the purpose of the drill and how it benefits a shooter. MOTUS Contributor Wes Gruver, architect of the drill, will break it down for us in this article. Also, Ironworks Tactical, our MOTUS Training partners, give us their thoughts on the drill and show us how it’s done in a video. This might better help you understand the course of fire and mechanics of the drill for you yourself. Check it out …

Wes, break down the MOTUS 666 Drill for us.
The purpose of the MOTUS 666 Drill is to test the core fundamentals of marksmanship and practical handgun manipulation. Specifically, the shooter will need to demonstrate the ability to draw and engage targets quickly and accurately, transition between targets effectively, reload efficiently, and control the trigger as well as manage recoil during rapid fire. Shooters who complete this course of fire in the prescribed time, and have it verified by MOTUS Staff, will earn the MOTUS 666 Challenge Coin. They’ll become members of an exclusive number of shooters who have demonstrated the requisite proficiency. The drill can be completed with any semi-automatic service pistol with a minimum caliber of 9mm. Revolvers are not allowed.

What skills does the MOTUS 666 Drill test?
The drill tests a shooter’s overall gun handling skills. This is NOT a marksmanship test. You need to shoot accurately, but you also need to have experience with drawing from the holster as well as reloading on the clock. If you do not have any formal training in how to do these things well, and have not practiced them a few thousands times, you are going to find this drill to be far more difficult than it looks.

MOTUS 666 MembersWhat can a student do to improve their time on this drill?
Go back and break down each of the fundamentals. This drill was designed around the following timeline: 2 seconds or less for the draw, 2 seconds or less for the reload, and the remaining 2 seconds to accurately execute the 6 required shoots, Most experienced shooters look at 6 shots in 6 seconds and scoff, “That’s easy!”- right up until they have to actually shoot it. You need to be running around 0.33 second split times on your shots. Again 0.33 seconds per shot is not blazing speed at all until you have to accurately hit a 3×5 card twice. That’s when the wheels might start to fall off your little red wagon…

How can I improve my draw time?
You can improve your draw without ever firing a shot. The key is to first find someone who knows what they are doing to teach you how to draw FAST correctly. Then go home and dry fire for 10 minutes a day, for a week or two. After you’ve done that, go back to your experienced Instructor and have them correct all the bad draw habits you created for yourself during that week of practice. Once they get you smoothed out and dialed in again, go back and dry fire for 10 minutes a day for another couple of weeks. In fact, if you are NOT dry firing every day then you are falling behind. Someone, somewhere, is working hard to become faster and better than you. Believe it. Make dry fire a part of your lifestyle.

Let’s say a student has gotten some coaching, practiced, and even been dry firing. What can you tell them if they’re still struggling with this drill?
It might be time to sell all your guns and buy a tennis racket. Don’t worry, you can probably get MultiCam grips on them these days. No really, you need to revisit your coach and diagnose what is wrong. If you still don’t see improvement, I might recommend getting a new coach. Just because your Instructor was a cop for 25 years or a Delta Seal Team Ranger does not make them a great shooting instructor. And just because someone is a shooting instructor, it doesn’t make them a practical shooting speedster. In fact, you may have already noticed that most public ranges specifically do not allow drawing from the holster and or rapid fire. Therefore, MOST shooting instructors don’t know anything about it. Bottom line, you should have your draw time down to well under 1.5 seconds WITH an accurate first shot. If not, you are already behind. Likewise your reload time from shot to shot should be right at 2 seconds or less. Most students I see come through the first time are up around 4 or 5 seconds just on the reload alone. This is abysmal. Typically, in less than 15 minutes, I will have them close to cracking 2 seconds. That’s it. Technique beats speed.

Why would anyone want to do all this?
Again, this drill is really a test of how comfortable you are handling a handgun. That’s it. I started this as simple way to evaluate students and figure out what they could do well and where we needed to focus time and energy to improve their skills. The bottom line is that it’s a test of fundamentals. Executing the fundamentals, smoother and faster, while maintaining accuracy is the secret sauce. Grip, stance, trigger control, breathing, mental focus, relaxation and awareness. It’s all rolled up into one big fat cigar. Smoke it.

Ironworks TacticalIronworks Tactical

Brett and Jonathan, what do you think about the MOTUS 666 Drill?
The 666 shooting drill tests proper fundamentals by putting together multiple skills into one course of fire. Those skills are as follows: sight picture/sight alignment, target transition, trigger prep and reset, and a reload. These are all fundamental skills, so questions on why the drill is important is that you must have strong fundamentals in order to complete it. Strong fundamentals lead to advanced shooting techniques, such as putting multiple skills together in one course of fire. This is where the MOTUS 666 Drill comes into play.

Can you show us how it’s done?
Sure! Check out the video …

For MOTUS Training students enrolled in the Ironworks Tactical classes, you’ll have an opportunity during class to get a few pointers on the drill as well as a chance to complete it in front of coin holders and have your time officially recognized!

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