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Review: Griffon Industries Cube 13″ Laptop Case

I’m on the road quite a bit for MOTUS and one thing I always take with me is my laptop. Shortly after purchasing my Air few years ago, I grabbed an inexpensive Incase laptop sleeve to protect it. Lightly padded with no frills, it’s worked quite nicely. However, the time had come to replace it since it’s pretty beat up and definitely seen better days. I had looked on Amazon and checked the Apple store, but everything seemed kind of vanilla and didn’t excite me. One night on Instagram, while posting some photos for MOTUS, I caught a sneak peek of some new pouches and cases that Griffon Industries had posted. I quickly fired off an email and had a Griffon Industries Cube 13″ Laptop Case in my hands by the end of the week.

Griffon Industries Cube 13 Laptop CaseThe 13″ Laptop Case is just one product in a complete Cube series that Griffon Industries recently launched. In addition to the laptop case, the collection includes an iPad Mini case, standard iPad case, and a PS Camera case for small point-and-shoot cameras. The entire Cube series of cases are made in the United States and features heavy-duty, reinforced construction with genuine YKK zippers. The cases come if a variety of color options, but I decided on Black with Multicam trim for my laptop case.

Griffon Industries Cube 13 Laptop CaseAfter using the case pretty heavily over the past couple months, I can tell you there are quite a few things I really like about it. For starters, it’s built like a tank. While some might argue the case is a bit heavy when compared to many of the sleeve cases out there, I’ll gladly hoof the extra couple ounces around knowing that my laptop might have a better chance of surviving a tumble. Secondly, it’s just nicely executed across the board. The fit and finish are clean and I really like the fact that it’s made right here in the United States.

Griffon Industries Cube 13 Laptop CaseThe front pocket, which runs the entire width of the laptop case, is divided into two sections and is perfect for storing your charger and/or other peripheral devices or cables. Rather than my charging cord getting roached and tangled up bouncing around at the bottom of my pack like it did with my previous case, it now has a nice home to keep it safe. I use the second half of the front pocket for my external drive, USB cables, and a thumb drive. They all fit nicely in there without too much play.

Griffon Industries Cube 13 Laptop CaseThe inside pocket is nicely lined and padded for your laptop’s protection. My 13″ MacBook Air fits inside nice and securely without any slop or play. One thing I noticed about my previous case when compared to the Griffon Industries Cube, is that my old case had a snug fit and the metal zipper sat pretty much flush against the laptop when it was closed. The Griffon Industries case has an added lip sewn in where the padding is attached. It’s actually pretty clever. The lip acts as an additional layer between the zipper and the laptop when the case is closed. It’s noticeable that someone spent some time thinking about it when they designed the case.

Griffon Industries Cube 13 Laptop CaseThere is a unique grab handle on the reverse side. What at first looks like a random piece of seat belt material, is actually a comfortable way to carry the case when it’s not in a back or bag. The top side of the material is stitched all the way across, but the bottom side is open so you can tuck your fingers underneath and get a nice grip on the case. At first I thought it was more of a quirky novelty, but after using it a multitude of times I definitely prefer this over the cases that have extra handles. The handles are just more material to catch or things or get in the way while taking the case in and out of a pack, briefcase, or messenger bag. When not in use, the grab handle lays flat and doesn’t protrude enough to catch on anything.

Overall, the Griffon Industries Cube 13″ Laptop Case has been a welcome addition to my EDC and travel kit. It’s infinitely better than my prior Incase sleeve and I really like the fact that my charger and peripherals now have a permanent home. Retailing at $69.99, the case might be pricier compared to others on the market. However, for the quality of the construction and overall finish and execution, this US made case is definitely worth the money. For more information on the Griffon Industries Cube 13″ Laptop Case, visit the Griffon Industries website or visit one of the many authorized dealers.

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