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Pangea Designs Launches the PICO and the Enigma

Our friends at Pangea Designs have launched not one, but two Kickstarter projects we thought you’d be interested in. If the Pangea name sounds familiar, it’s probably because last year we reviewed their Pickpocket Alpha with great results. Known for being a company with great quality and functional designs, the new PiCO and Enigma look very promising. Let’s take a closer look at each product and break them down for you.

Pangea Designs PiCO Titanium Micro Bottle Opener
PiCO Titanium Micro Bottle Opener
Billed as “the smallest bottle opener around”, the PiCO was born from the desire to utilize the scrap material leftover from Pangea Design’s other titanium products like the Pickpocket. Smaller than a quarter, the micro bottle opener works exceptionally well and takes up little to no space on your key chain when not in use.

PiCO demoThe PiCO works by using a sturdy split ring (not shown in the image above) as leverage. Hook the PiCO onto the lip of the bottle cap and place your thumb on the opposite side. One quick, single tug makes very short work of the cap and you’re ready to enjoy that frosty beverage in no time. Check out the the demo graphic created by Pangea Designs to see the PiCO in action.

Pangea Designs was originally looking for $3,000 in funding to launch the PiCO and get production off the ground. As we publish this article, they have already exceed their goal by $50,000 and are on their way towards reaching $60,000. Stretch goals have already been met at the $30,000 and $45,000 marks, with an additional already established at $80,000 in funding. While the entry-level funding opportunity is already sold out, you can still help the project by backing it with as little as $11. That’ll buy you one titanium PiCO, in natural stonewash finish, and get you free US shipping. The first PiCOs are scheduled to ship out in June. The Kickstarter campaign ends on April 23, 2015. For more information about the PiCO, or to back this project, check it out on Kickstarter.

Pangea Designs Enigma Key HookEnigma Key Hook
With the success of their Pickpocket launch on Kickstarter, Pangea Designs has returned to the crowd funding website to launch the Enigma Key Hook. The Enigma is a full-feature bottle opener and suspension clip. It’s unique bottle opener design allows it to tackle both pry-off and twist-off bottle caps. A set of four stepped wrenches (sizes 3/16″, 1/4″, 5/16″, and 3/8″) and hand-ground pry bar tip have been added to create a functional, all-in-one EDC tool.

Pangea Designs Enigma Key Hook 2The Enigma’s final geometry was the product of heavy testing and prototyping. The top edge of the twist-off feature was rounded and smoothed to reduce wear and tear on your belt loops or whatever you happen to hang the Enigma from. Machine cut from .100″ titanium, the key hook is half the weight of steel, but incredibly strong. Pangea Designs load tested the Enigma by suspending 50 pounds from the hook and it had no physical signs of wear or deformation.

Pangea Designs Enigma Key Hook 3The Kickstarter campaign for the Enigma Key Hook had a target goal of $4,000 in funding. To date, the project has received over $8,500 in support. Those interested in backing the project can pick up a standard, grey stonewashed Enigma for $30 or an anodized denim blue version for just $5 more. The campaign ends on April 12, 2015. The key hooks will begin shipping in June. For more information about the Enigma Key Hook, or to back this project, check it out on Kickstarter.

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