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Kinetic Research Group Bolt Lift for Remington 700

Recently, I started building my first bolt gun (Remington 700) and its been quite the learning process.  One of the first things I noticed, other than my baseline discomfort using something other than an AR platform, was that the bolt seemed small. I started up the Google-Fu and there were thousands of discussions, forum threads, and you-name-it on milling procedures and all of them required the shipment of the bolt to be milled and then returned. As I said, being new to the process of building a bolt rifle and hesitant to do any lasting modifications, I was excited when I saw the Kinetic Research Group Bolt Lift.

KRG Bolt LIft 4The packaging from Kinetic Research Group (KRG) was nice and included a nice vinyl sticker that’ll find its way onto the shop fridge. The included instructions were straight forward and the Bolt Lift came with two different sets of rings so you could get the best fit possible on your install. I really like the fact that they went out-of-the-way to include everything you could possibly need even knowing you likely wouldn’t have anything left to go back in the tin afterwards. All too often a company’s presentation of a product is lacking any sort of thought or substance. I personally like to see the attention to detail on less important matters. The thought is that if they paid attention to the presentation, they likely paid greater attention to the actual product itself.

KRG Bolt LIftFirst off, the idea behind the Bolt Lift is solid and I really like fact that it’s not permanent, yet reaches the same conclusion. The installation was a breeze and took just a matter of minutes. The final product seems very rock solid and secure. In short, the Bolt Lift is basically two halves with rubber rings screwed together around your bolt.

KRG Bolt LIft 3The end result is a bolt that is much larger and can be manipulated with greater ease. I already liked the motion much better. It just felt smoother in manipulation due to the greater surface area. Once my stock comes in (Hurry up, Magpul!), I look forward to adding my optic onto the rifle and actually giving some distance a try. Until then, it’s just practicing the motions and getting a better overall feel for the rifle.

KRG Bolt Lift Color OptionsThe Kinetic Research Group Bolt Lift is available in Black, Tan, and Green. According to KRG, the tan is a close match to Magpul’s FDE color and the green is a very close match to the Magpul OD Green color. It retails for $28, is made in the USA, and can be purchased directly through KRG on their website. Look for more thoughts and detailed testing on the KRG Bolt Lift in the months ahead here on MOTUS.

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Logan Rogue, of <a href="http://roguedynamics.com">Rogue Dynamics</a>, has served in the US Army for nearly two decades and is an avid adventurer and outdoorsman. He’s plied his trade and craft in Africa, Southeast Asia, and in most backwoods across the United States. When not enjoying getting lost on purpose, he is probably out at the range trying out the latest optics, finding the perfect coffee blend, or drinking any number of beverages from a Viking horn. He is the living embodiment of “the beaten path is for beaten people” and beyond the adventures, testing gear, or designing patches and shirts, Logan can be found in quieter times talking comics & philosophy of Athena, “letting the children be free and see what the world may be.”

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