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Interview with Ironworks Tactical

Ironworks TacticalIf you’re not already familiar with Ironworks Tactical, they’re a veteran owned and operated company who specializes in building beyond mil-spec AR platform rifles as well as providing firearms education and training classes. Ironworks Tactical (IWT) will be teaching Handgun Fundamentals, Intermediate and Advanced Handgun Fundamentals, and Everyday Carry through MOTUS Training. Their first class kicks off on April 24th in southern California at the Prado Olympic Shooting Park in Chino, CA. We recently caught up with the IWT to learn more about their background, what makes them unique to train with, and what students can expect.

Ironworks Tactical Handgun Fundamentals1. Who are the trainers and what type of background do they bring to IWT?

The Trainers at IWT are current or prior Federal Law Enforcement officers and Military in Combat Arms career fields. Each instructor has between 6-20+ years of real world operational experience.

Jonathan (Lead Instructor) has served on the instructor cadre in both his military and federal career training both US and foreign military and law enforcement units. His training as an instructor has been conducted through his career field as well as on personal time, training with top instructors in the industry. He has over 20 years of military and federal law enforcement experience to bring to the table.

Brett (assistant instructor and Safety Officer) has served on the instructor cadre with both his military and federal careers where he trained civilian, military and law enforcement units. Brett has been trained as an instructor by the military and current career field as well as have trained with some of the top instructors in the industry. He has over 20 years of military and federal law enforcement experience.

Jeff (assistant instructor and Safety Officer) has been a law enforcement officer for 6 years where he served on a multi-agency task force working with the FBI, USCG and Border Patrol. He has had extensive training in CQB and tactics, Gracie BJJ, Muay Thai and Wrestling. He is also an active competitive shooter.

Ironworks Tactical Handgun Fundamentals2. What makes the IWT team unique?

The IWT instructor cadre is unique in many ways. All instructors come from different backgrounds along with the experiences that follow those backgrounds; this allows a broad range of tools to help with each student. While one instructor may try one approach another will have different ideas allowing both creative and analytical problem solving techniques to help their students grow.

One thing that sets the IWT cadre apart from other instructors/schools is that they have all worked operationally together as a team for several years, which makes them very familiar with each other. This is important for many reasons, first and foremost – safety. Safety is, and will always be, our top priority. A big part of creating a safe environment is having instructors that are on the same page and work well with one another as well as with students. Secondly, all instructors at IWT share a genuine desire to teach and help students improve. We are here because we are passionate about teaching and training and because we want to be here.

Ironworks Tactical Handgun Fundamentals3. What can a student expect to learn in the Handgun Fundamentals class?

IWT will concentrate on assisting a student to maximize their potential, no matter their skill level. The fundamentals class is designed to help a shooter learn, practice and refine these skill such as trigger prep and reset, sight picture sight alignment and follow through as well as reload drills. Fundamental skills are the building blocks to advanced shooting, after all most advanced shooting techniques are nothing more than a combination of proper fundamentals. Therefore in order to improve we must train our fundamentals and these classes allow the shooter the opportunity to have trained instructors critique and help a student to improve.

4. Why is the maximum class size smaller than other training companies?

We believe in a limited class size to increase the instructor to student ratio. This allows us to maximize teaching time with each student so the students get as much as possible out of the IWT courses. Only thing that would be better than this is a 1 on 1 private class.

For a listing of upcoming Ironworks Tactical’s classes available through MOTUS Training, check out our events calendar. To learn more about Ironworks Tactical, check out their website and visit their online store. Also, don’t forgot get to sign up for our MOTUS email newsletters! It’s the easiest way to stay updated on upcoming training classes as well as new articles and events!


Class photos courtesy of Cifaldi Photography.

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