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Unity Tactical: A New Revolution

SHOT Show 2015. It was my first year attending and to be honest with you, it was almost a little overwhelming. I went in with my plan of attack, knew who I had to see, and what new gear, guns, and products to check out. As it turns out, the world is much smaller than I thought. I ran into one of my former soldiers and we caught up for a bit and shared a few laughs. When we got to talking about what I do with MOTUS, he didn’t hesitate to walk me over to the Unity Tactical booth and introduce me to the COO and Director of Sales, Nathan Stokes. A firm handshake was exchanged and the ball was rolling from there.

Unity Tactical Fusion SystemThe Unity booth was setup very well and what they had on display was easily accessible and easy to view. We talked first about their FUSION™ system and what makes it unique. The FUSION™ system is a modular system used to mount lights, lasers and other accessories you might need to run. The system begins with the FUSION™ hub and it was designed to maximize rail space while remaining light and functional. The hub is composed of 4 mounting surfaces; a top surface, forward surface, and two wing surfaces. All wing accessories are reversible, which further adds to the multi-functional aspect of the system.

Some of the FUSION accessories include both a fixed and folding front sight, offset wing mount, 2 light mounting rings and a Hub extension. The full FUSION™ can be viewed on the Unity Tactical website. The Unity display had numerous weapons platforms outfitted with this system and as I went through the majority of them I was thoroughly impressed. This system is a game changer and something you should seriously consider when mounting accessories to your weapons system.

The next system we discussed was their ATOM™ system. This system began as an option to mount Aimpoint™ micro optics on pistols, and further evolved from there. The evolution of this design allows you to mount nearly any optic to your pistol without having to mill the slide for a different optic. You can purchase a slide which is already milled from Unity Tactical, or have yours done by one of their authorized gunsmiths. From there, all you need to do is place the right adapter to your slide and you’re all set. The system is also capable of using BUIS with the rear sight mounted in front of the optic.

And for those of you running the Surefire® X200™, X300™ and X300™ Ultra weapon lights on your long gun and carbines, look no further than the EXO™. The  EXO™ is a direct replacement for the plastic frame rails and provides a protective shroud for the light’s activation switch. This gives the user a solid index point for activation of the light and also provides protection against accidental light activation during use and storage without impeding access to the switch.

And it doesn’t stop there! Unity also manufactures a drop-in replacement trigger for Glock™ pistols and makes a solid Direct-Mount Vertical Fore Grip. What I find most beneficial about the VFG is its ability to be mounted to most tubular/slick and Keymod designed rails. All the mounting hardware required for both Keymod and tubular rail installs is included, which makes it extremely adaptable.

Unity Tactical has definitely made an impression in the firearms industry with some groundbreaking ideas and options. If you are looking to change or upgrade anything that may have been mentioned here, I recommend checking out Unity Tactical as you won’t be disappointed.

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