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Team 5 Medical Foundation

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. ~Winston Churchill

We are moved by causes. We are especially moved by causes that make an impact. Team 5 Medical Foundation is a group of outstanding folks providing medical support people in remote locations.

From the team 5 website:

“Imagine creating a small group of hand selected medical and survival experts who venture into the most extreme and austere locations on this globe to educate local healthcare workers, provide remote medicine and donate supplies to developing areas so they can be self-sufficient. Imagine flying, riding, paddling and trekking for countless hours into thick canopy jungles where GPS doesn’t work, there isn’t electricity, and you have to count on your teammates for your survival. Imagine a team willing to speak English to Spanish to Q’eqchi’ in order to teach a medical class, treat patients, and help indigenous people who have never seen a practitioner. We are Team 5. A non-profit volunteer organization who relies on your sponsorship, donations and assistance to make all this possible.”

Shot_Show_PatchWe fully support the efforts of the Team 5 Medical Foundation. To show that support, we are making the following challenge to our tribe. We are going to give you a chance to get your hands on a MOTUS SHOT Show patch. However, there is a twist. We are going to donate 100% of the purchase price directly to Team 5. So here is the deal, 25 patches are going up for sale. The patches are $50 each, and 100 % goes to Team 5.

It’s simple: do good deeds.

Think of it as the 25-50-100 Challenge. Are you up to the challenge?



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