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One To Watch: Farm To Feet

One of the unexpected surprise finds at SHOT Show was a sock company out of Mt. Airy, North Carolina. While you may be asking yourself how could someone get excited about socks, there is more to the story than just socks. The company, Farm to Feet, is an all American brand has truly taken the concept of “Made in America” to heart. Employing over 200 people in its North Carolina facility, Farm to Feet operates a state-of-the-art facility knitting, finishing, and packaging socks for enthusiasts and outdoorsman.

When Farm to Feet says their products are American made, they mean it! They use 100% US materials, 100% US manufacturing, and a 100% US workforce. Even the packaging and in-store displays are US made. For Farm to Feet, it all starts with the materials.

Farm to Feet socks are made with US wool, nylon, and spandex. The wool, 100% US Merino, is sourced in conjunction with the American Sheep Industry (ASI). The ASI is a federation of 45 state sheep associations representing over 82,000 producers throughout the United States. Farm to Feet works with ranchers to establish long-term relationships. One of those ranchers is Fred Roberts of Roberts Ranch in Cokeville, Wyoming. Fred has over 7,000 ewes and grew up in the business as he’s a third-generation rancher.

To have the socks 100% US made, Farm to Feet has partnered with other US businesses throughout their supply chain. From processing and shrink treating the wool in Jamestown, SC to spinning and dying it in Raeford, NC, everything is done with the objective of producing the highest quality product while keeping jobs stateside. Like I mentioned earlier, even their packaging and in-store displays are US made. That’s some serious commitment!

While all of this sounds awesome, it really boils down to the product itself. Farm to Feet currently offers: Adventure Hike, Adventure Sport, Sporting, and Everyday Socks. Available in both men’s and women’s styles and multiple configurations, the socks retail between $15 and $30 depending upon style. The prices are competitive to other manufacturers, and at first glance the socks appear to be very high quality. While we were at SHOT Show, Executive Vice President of Sales Kerry Nester gave us a pair of their socks and told us to test them out. You can be sure that we’ll report back in the weeks ahead on our thoughts in a full review. In the meantime, put Farm to Feet on your radar and consider checking them out next time you’re looking for a pair of socks. It’s great to see companies like Farm to Feet who not only talk to the talk, but walk the walk. For more information on Farm to Feet or learn more about their manufacturing process, please check out their website.

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