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Review: RIANOV Eagle GEN II

I recently had the pleasure of spending a couple of days using one of best ballistic software devices on the market: the RIANOV Eagle GEN II. Every long-range shooter should have this revolutionary tool at his disposal. The Eagle GEN II was created and developed by Larry Bay. Bay not only has the credentials to develop a superior product, but has also tested it with some very well-respected snipers in the industry. I had never seen anything like the Eagle GEN II before—I’m still baffled and amazed every time I use it or think about its capabilities.

The Eagle GEN II is the smallest ballistic computer on the market. It is a small LCD screen that displays shooting corrections right before your eyes. The screen can be mounted either on your optics tube or on the back of your scope base via the Picatinny mount, on top of or below the optic depending on the height of your scope rings. However it’s mounted, the display is on the correct side of the system, which can be easily seen without having to break your stock-to-cheek weld.

RIANOV Eagle GEN IIA CR123 battery powers the remote keypad, which is connected by a cable. You can easily manipulate the keypad/battery and Velcro it onto the chassis of whatever weapon system you’re using. The Eagle GEN II’s interface is perfectly set up in sequential order for quick input and solutions, making it super user-friendly. The easy-to-use keypad buttons are: enter (center), up, down, right, and left. Once you have the system mounted, you’re ready to go out and engage targets with superior accuracy.

The first setup step is to enter in all gun data into the software. The “Weapon” option consists of rifle name, barrel twist, bore-to-optic height, ballistic coefficient of the round, muzzle velocity, and other information needed to give the shooter proper corrections. The more accurate you are with the information you enter, the more accurate the solutions it provides will be. The setup stage is also your time to customize any other Eagle GEN II features to your own needs. The “System” option allows you to customize the way the display operates. Once your Eagle GEN II is set up, the next step is to take the system down to the 100-yard line and zero it.

I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “What about atmospheric conditions?” That’s easy. This system has a series of sensors and a microprocessor that automatically inputs the density altitude into the solution along with cant and slope. Once you have zeroed your rifle at 100 yards, it automatically saves those atmospheric conditions that you zeroed in.

That means two things:

  • You no longer have to carry a kestrel around—one less thing for you to keep track of, and
  • When you switch environments, the sensors will input the change along with the saved data and automatically give you the correction needed for the change in density altitude.

In other words, once you’ve zeroed the system, you won’t need to do it again because of its ability to automatically update with any changes.

You can save up to 16 different weapon systems on one RIANOV Eagle GEN II. The Eagle GEN II also accounts for wind and spindrift. Both of these factors have to be input manually. The spindrift is calculated into your solution from the barrel twist information input in the setup process. Because wind changes constantly, you need the ability to change the data quickly—and this system allows you to do that on the “Solution” screen. It’s important to enter in the wind speed and direction. All wind matters so the rest of it is going to be compensated through experience and data collection. The reason for inputting the wind at the user is for the software’s ability to account for atmospheric jump. This is caused by the effect of a full value wind on the rotating round when entering a new environment.

Before entering the range it’s important to set up the Eagle GEN II to your preferred method of adjustments on your platform. You can set the adjustments in MILS, MOA, Inches or Clicks. The Eagle GEN II’s easy user interface allows for simple input of the range of the target so that it can output the right corrections.

The “Mode” menu option lets you select how you enter the range, either in yards or meters through the use of a range finder, or in the mil reading of the target along with its size (outputs the range). Once the range is figured, all you have to do is hit the “Solution” option and start engaging the target.

The sensors in the Eagle GEN II also automatically input your optics, cant, and slope to the target. Once in the “Range” option, you will see the system figuring out the slope and cant in degrees. It’s important to have the reticle on the desired target before you even hit the “Range” option in the “Solution” screen. Since this system has the ability to automatically update cant and slope, you will no longer need a “Slope Doper” or an anti-cant bubble.

Just like any other reliable ballistic software, the RIANOV Eagle GEN II has a “Truing” option, which allows you to match the algorithm needed for the specific round exiting your specific rifle. It’s simple: first, shoot the correction that the system gives you. If the correction is spot-on, there’s no need for truing the product. But if it is off by 0.1mm or ½ MOA, then you can select the “Truing” option at the top of the “Solution” screen and input the proper corrections. This tool allows you to enter in the distance and the correct elevation into the system. The Eagle Gen II will save that data and give you even more accurate corrections. The further out you can true the software, the more successful you will be from that range and in.

This product has proven to be a contender in an extremely competitive market. The RIANOV Eagle GEN II gives the shooter instantaneous solutions for accurately engaging targets at multiple ranges, which increases the probability for a first-round hit. It also has formulas for cant, slope, spindrift, and range finding through mil readings. The Eagle GEN II is extremely compact and easy to install on any weapon system, and its user interface is very friendly. Whether it’s for training purposes to help you memorize holdovers or for a live shoot situation, this product needs to be in the back pocket of every long-range shooter.

The RIANOV Eagle GEN II retails for $750. For more information about the Eagle GEN II, or to learn more about RIANOV and the products they offer, please visit their website.

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