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Review: Griffon Industries Kydex Holster and Magazine Carrier

Earlier this year, the team at Griffon Industries sent over one of their Kydex holsters and a magazine carriers to test out and put through the paces. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Griffon Industries, they manufacturer and retail a variety of modern firearms accessories like Kydex accessories, suppressor covers, and belts. They even partnered with Salient on a couple of hot rod blasters. Built tough to push the limits, Griffon spends a lot of time testing and refining their products before bringing them to market. While they have many models and configurations of Kydex available, I run a Glock 23 so that’s what this review is based upon.

Griffon Industries Kydex HolsterWhen the holster and magazine carrier first arrived, I instantly noticed the build quality. You can easily tell that this wasn’t some rookie made holster out of someone’s shed, but rather a professionally crafted holster that someone spent some time on. The hardware was all top quality and the holster was free of scuff or tool marks that I’ve encountered with some other brands in the past.

Griffon Industries Kydex HolsterEach one of their holsters features progressive belt loops so they will fit any belt form 1.5″ to 2″ wide. The cant is adjustable as well. While the holster looked clean, the real test was how my Glock would fit in the holster and how confident I was in how fast I could draw from it, yet still keep that balance of making sure the gun was holstered securely and wouldn’t move when I didn’t want it to.

Griffon Industries Kydex HolsterAt first blush, the Glock felt nice and secure when in the holster and easy to remove with the proper amount of resistance. However, running the gun and practicing with it in my house was a whole different animal than some live trigger time at the range. Over the past couple months I’ve had a few changes to put the Griffon holster to the test and I’ve been very pleased with it. It rides comfortably on the waist, feels solid and secure, and is easy to draw from. While I’ll be the first to admit I haven’t tried every holster or configuration out there on the market, for a shooter of my skill level and experience, I find the Griffon enjoyable to use and I felt both safe and comfortable with it.

Griffon Industries Kydex HolsterThe quality of the magazine carrier was exactly the same as that of the Kydex holster. It’s obvious that Griffon Industries cares about the little things and pay close attention to detail. Keep in mind that these aren’t even custom pieces either. This is their “buy it now and ships same day” product line. Griffon manufactures both double magazine carriers, like the one I tested, as well as quad carriers for a variety of firearms. They also have carriers for AR15 magazines as well. In practical application, the magazine carrier holds the mags securely and has the right amount of tension to keep them in place. I found them to be easy to grab and remove while practicing reloading drills as well as when shooting at the range.

Griffon Industries Kydex HolsterOverall, the Griffon Industries Kydex Holster and Magazine Carrier have both performed exceptionally well. For an off the shelf ready and ready to rock holster and magazine carrier, I appreciate the build quality and attention to detail they’ve put into their product. They don’t feel mass-produced or that they simply grabbed one from a bin, slapped it in a box, and sent it on its way. The quality shows and that’s important to me as a consumer. The Kydex holsters start at $130 and the magazine carriers are $70 for the double one shown here. If you’re looking for a new holster or magazine carrier that is nicely made, will ship quick, and serve you well, I recommend that you check out Griffon Industries. For more information on Griffon and to see the rest of the products the have available, check out their website.

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