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NEW: Warn ZEON Platinum Winches

Warn, the world’s most recognized brand in winches, has raised the bar again with their brand new ZEON Platinum series. While many already considered the ZEON line some of the best winches on the market, Warn decided to take it one step further and push the limits even more. The Platinum versions feature: double the durability of the original ZEON, 20% faster speed, newer high performance motor, an IP68 waterproof rating, new Advanced Wireless Remote. Let’s take a closer look at the ZEON Platinum.

Warn ZEON Platinum WinchThe ZEON Platinum has Warn’s highest durability rating, 2X that of the earlier version. Internally, the ZEON Platinum has larger gears for increased strength and longevity. The large diameter aluminum drum reduces the overall weight of the winch and has an integrate rope anchor point for easy rope installation. The automatic mechanical cone brake features a durable steel sleeve-in-drum design and is strong enough to hold the full rated load. The ZEON Platinum also features increased corrosion resistance which exceeds the 400 hours of salt-spray testing.

Warn ZEON Platinum WinchThe all new, high-speed motor found within the ZEON Platinum winch comes with a heat-treated ring gear and best in class efficiency. It’s 20% faster with a no-load line speed of up to 44 feet per minute. The winch also comes with an IP68 waterproof rating. Internal and external seals have been designed to keep both water and dust out. The ZEON Platinum is Warn’s top of the line when it comes to weather resistance.

WARN Zeon Platinum RemoteRemember the old winch controllers of the past? The ZEON Platinum Advanced Wireless Remote has taken winch remotes to a whole new level. For starters, the ZEON Platinum’s manually operated clutch lever has been eliminated from the winch so total control is now in the palm of your hand. You can get realtime feedback on winch motor temperature as well as your vehicle’s battery level. The remote also includes controls for up to two additional accessories like auxiliary lights. The wireless remote can be charged with the included USB charging cable or car charger.

Warn ZEON WinchThe symmetrical design of the Warn ZEON Platinum helps the winch match current vehicle styling and give it the ability to be mounted in a variety of applications. Add the Control Pack Relocation Kit and the ZEON Platinum can be mounted with a low-profile look or where space is at a premium.  Like all Warn winches, the ZEON Platinum comes with a limited lifetime warranty on mechanical parts, and a one-year warranty on electrical components.

Warn ZEON Platinum WInchThe Warn ZEON Platinum winches will be available in 10,000 pound capacity, ZEON 10 (steel) and ZEON 10S (synthetic rope), as well as the 12,000 pound capacity ZEON 12. Pricing on the winches range from $1,882.57 for the ZEON 10 to $2,769 for the ZEON 12. According to Warn, the winches will be available mid January 2015. For more information about the new ZEON Platinum winches, visit the Warn website or give them a call at (800) 543-9276.

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