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Beyond Clothing Private Reserve Collection Launch in NYC

Private Reserve. This is a term that conjures up images of small batch whiskey and high-end wines. So when Rick Elder, CEO of Beyond Clothing, called me and said they had a new release of a Private Reserve Collection for Beyond Clothing, you can guarantee that my interest peaked. I hit the internet, booked a train ticket, and headed for NYC.

Beyond Clothing Private Reserve CollectionComing into Penn Station, it was a typical late fall day in the city that never sleeps. It was cold, windy, rainy, and downright glum. I grabbed a taxi and headed downtown to the Tribeca area. K&M was my destination and the site where the line release was taking place. Upon arriving at K&M, I was immediately caught off guard at the inventory and layout of the store.

Beyond Clothing Private Reserve CollectionK&M is a New York icon of photography. It’s a full service shop offering rentals and gear. However, recently K&M has adopted a survivability mindset. Not only are the offering the photographer lenses and bodies, but they now offer full solutions for adventure photography. Whether it’s bags, clothes, or gear you’re after, you name it and K&M has you covered. If you’re looking to get off the grid and capture the moment in some of the wildest places, this a place you need to check out. When I arrived, Rick and his team from Beyond were putting the finishing touches on the in store displays that they created specifically for K&M. So I waited, warmed myself with a little cup-o-joe, and browsed around the store.

Beyond Clothing Private Reserve CollectionBeyond’s Private Reserve Collection
Beyond took the concept of survivability clothing and ramped up a new line of jackets for the explorer that are exclusive to K&M. They debuted three brand new soft shell jackets that combine highly technical features with clean, urban style. Available only in black – because black is the new black you know – these jackets offer all the features one would expect from a high-end soft shell. However, the differentiator is the fashion forward approach and the fact that these were 100% stitched in the states by Beyond.

Beyond Clothing Private Reserve Collection 6Each piece features an individual serial numbered tag and matching packaging. The custom-built in store display showcases the three different models of jackets and gives great representation of who Beyond is as a brand, which leads into a great question. Who is Beyond?

We asked Rick Elder for his insight about Beyond over a few drinks later that evening …

The Private Reserve Collection now features three jackets: Outlaw, Rebel, and Renegade. All three jackets are inspired by classic American styling and created not only to look good, but excel under adverse conditions like cold, windy and wet days. The collection is an exclusive to K&M, but the jackets can be purchased through their online store.

Beyond Clothing Private Reserve CollectionI spent the rest of the evening with the team from Beyond discussing the brand, the goods they are making, and the direction their company is headed. Heading home on the train the next day, I reflected upon my evening with Rick and his team. What they’ve accomplished to date is impressive to say the least. I have the feeling that Beyond is one of those brands to watch and keep you’re eye on moving forward. As a curator of knowledge for the tribe, it is my duty to keep you informed on the coolest happenings or the next big thing. This is one of them. Beyond took a concept and in 90 days they produced AND delivered a USA made series of garments that exceeded my expectations. How many other companies do you know of that could carry out that task? It feels good to know that we still know how to get it done “in the States”!

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