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Review: S.O. Tech Survival Sling

One of the items that I’ve been on the hunt for is a quality rifle sling. For some time I’ve used the 2-point paced sling I had since my last deployment. While it’s been solid and dependable, I wanted a rifle sling that could pull double-duty in an emergency situation. I contacted S.O. Tech Tactical, a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) based in Carson, CA that started as a one-man operation sewing nylon in a garage. After they listened to what I was looking for, they recommended that I check out their Survival Sling.

SO Tech Survival SlingThe Survival Sling is a feature rich sling that is jack-of-all-trades so to speak. According to S.O. Tech, the sling can be used as a: quick adjust 2-point weapons sling, emergency tow strap, strength rated utility strap, back up belt for your pants, body lift strap, buddy drag, and much more! That’s an awful lot to pack into one sling, but I was eager to test it out and get a better understanding of how it worked in these various situations.

SO Tech Survivor SlingFor starters, the Survivor Sling comes with a sling, (2) H&K hooks, (1) hand hold strap, and (1) strength rated carabiner. It weighs in at under 10 ounces and features a lifetime warranty and is manufactured right here in the United States. The sling is stitched from strength rated type 8 webbing. which is sufficiently padded, and features sewn in attachment points at each end.

SO Tech Survivor SlingThe adjustment point to loosen or tighten your sling is constructed using an AustriAlpin pull tab. The AustriAlpin pulltab is about as hardcore as you can get for a sling adjustment point. It’s machined from high-grade 7075 aluminum alloy and each one goes through a battery of quality tests.

SO Tech Survivor SlingIf the AustriAlpin name sounds familiar to you, it’s probably because their buckles are used on some of the toughest belts on the market. I recently attended a shooting event when I was able to put one of their buckles to the test and the first thing I noticed was how easy it was to use with or without gloves. The mechanics of it are simple, yet over engineered to survive heavy-duty abuse in the field.

SO Tech Survivor SlingThe attachment points on the Survival Sling are adjustable and both ends come with the sturdy and reliable H&K hooks by default. While those hooks are great for many of us, this wasn’t compatible with the setup I now use on my rifle. I use a quick disconnect swivel, but converting the Survival Sling was very simple! Simply loosen and remove the attachment strap and then replace the H&K hooks with your own preferred attachment.

SO Tech Survival SlingOne of the features I really like about the Survival Sling is the hook setup and how easy it is to transition from a 2-point to 1-point setup. All you need to do is unhook the front hook and clip it to the rear point. It’s quick, easy, and controlled. I definitely intend to make use of this feature when attending events or on outdoor adventures.

SO Tech Survival Sling

In an emergency situation or worse case scenario, you can use the hand hold strap and the carabiner as a tow strap. It can also be used as a buddy drag by placing the Survival Sling under your buddy while he’s on his back and then coming under his arms and attaching it together at a single point. Nobody ever said it was going to be comfortable, but it will get the job done when you’re all out of other options.

SO Tech Survivor SlingI tested the Survival Sling as a belt for my pants and surprisingly it worked pretty well. I was doubtful at first that it would go through my belt loops, but I had zero issues making it happen. S.O. Tech states that the sling can also be used as a rappelling harness, but rather than me walking you through that setup it’ll be best to watch their video:

SO Tech Survival SlingI’ve been using the S.O. Tech Survival Sling for a couple of weeks now and have had the ability to test it in a variety of situations. I used it to tow a John Deere Gator, strap gear down to a cargo rack, use it as a belt, and of course, test it out at the range as a rifle sling. The adaptability, craftsmanship, and multi-functionality of the Survival Sling make this a great piece of gear that I highly recommend.

SO Tech Survivor SlingAt $90, you can definitely tell this is a high-quality product and see all the effort and thought process that went into the design. The Survival Sling is now available in Black and Coyote Brown. It can be purchased directly from S.O. Tech on their website. While you’re there, I recommend that you check out their other sling configurations as well like the Survivor Sling, the Jaguar, and the Cheetah.

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