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Review: Recycled Firefighter Sergeant Fire Hose Slim Wallet

Spend five minutes talking to Jake from Recycled Firefighter and you can tell he’s very passionate about the products he’s making. I first learned about Recycled Firefighter when somebody posted a photo of a Sergeant Fire Hose Slim Wallet to Instagram. It intrigued me and I definitely had to dig a little deeper to find out more.

jake recycled firefighterJake, whose day job really is being a firefighter, kind of started Recycled Firefighter on accident. After purchasing an iPad, he was looking for a cool case and saw that some of the old fire hose was being discarded at the firehouse. Thinking outside the box, he thought it would make a great iPad cover because of the durable nature of the material and the fact that it would probably look pretty sharp. After teaching himself to sew by watching videos online, he mocked up a prototype of an iPad case and instantly got some great feedback from friends and coworkers. Fast forward to today, and Jake now makes bags, tool rolls, and wallets using upcycled fire hose.

One of the products I really like is the Sergeant Fire Hose Slim Wallet. It’s simple, basic, and works great! Made from repurposed polyester fire hose, the wallet features a single pocket that will hold up to eight cards. The reverse side features an elastic cash strap made form 1″ silicone material. Jake hand selects the material for each wallet, inspects it for tears or damage, and then washes it before turning it into a wallet.

Recycled Firefighter Sergeant Fire Hose Wallet SlimThe Sergeant is built like a tank. While I’ve seen my fair share of slim wallets of similar design, this one is pretty much bullet proof. For starters, the material itself is a highly durable, woven polyester designed to withstand years of heavy abuse. The edging features mil-spec nylon webbing and the entire wallet is stitches with heavy-duty T-90 nylon thread.

One of the things I really like about the Sergeant is that each one of them is slightly different. From the different colors of the fire hose to the small markings and patina it’s developed along the way, the wallet instantly has some characters and personality the moment it arrives at your door. That being said, this isn’t the byproduct of some “aging process” or tomfoolery to make them look like they’re vintage. It’s years of use by hard-working men and women saving lives and protecting property. I’ll take that over a “seven step, patented aging” process that many brands are employing today to give their products personality that only comes with use and time.

Recycled Firefighter Sergeant Fire Hose Wallet SlimI’ve been using the wallet for awhile now and definitely enjoy it. I like the slim design and it fits perfectly in my pants’ pocket without being too bulky. Your credit cards or cash can be easily accessed, especially since they’re held separately in the wallet. I will admit that I was a little hesitant at first about the cash strap feature out of concern that it might slip out. However, I have since found that after EDC use it works really well. Your cash stays in place.

Recycled Firefighter Sergeant Fire Hose Wallet SlimOverall, I’d definitely recommend the Sergeant Fire Hose Slim Wallet from Recycled Firefighter. If you like a smaller wallet and travel light, it’ll be right up your alley. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on mine since I started using it and I enjoy sharing Jake’s story. It’s hard to go wrong supporting a hardworking, self-taught entrepreneur who makes a cool product. For more information on the Sergeant Fire Hose Slim Wallet, check out Recycled Firefighter’s website. The wallet comes in a variety of color options and would make an awesome gift for a friend or coworker … after you grab one for yourself!

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