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Review: RE Factor Tactical Enhanced Kit Bag

Organization. Sometimes I’m dialed in and on point, while other times what I’m looking for is 20 miles from nowhere and 2 feet from lost. Whether it’s a cleaning kit, extra med kit, admin stuff, spare parts, or you name it – it’s easy to lose control of your gear. Good thing the team at RE Factor Tactical has developed a practical solution. It’s called the Enhanced Kit Bag. Now I have zero excuses for lack of organization, and neither do you.

RE Factor Tactical Enhanced Kit BagThe RE Factor Tactical Enhanced Kit Bag is purpose-built here in the USA and is designed to keep all of your gear organized. It measures 11” wide x 16” tall x 20” long and holds 57 liters of storage space. The Enhanced Kit Bag has three main components: the MOLLE side, the zippered mesh pocket side, and the large center compartment.

RE Factor Tactical Enhanced Kit Bag 2Let’s take a look a the interior MOLLE and zippered mesh pockets first before moving on to the center compartment. On the MOLLE side, I was able to fit an emergency medical blow out kit, a storage pouch with extra magazines, an admin pouch, and a cleaning kit. There was still room to add even more item and kit to the MOLLE.

On the zippered side, there are seven different mesh pockets. There are three pockets across the top, two in the middle, and two along the bottom. The mesh pockets are secured closed by heavy-duty YKK rubber zipper pulls. In the pockets I was able to fit: chem lights, rope, 550 cord, a compass, various tools, and my rifle’s bipod.

RE Factor Tactical Enhanced Kit BagOne of the features I really like about the Enhanced Kit Bag is the main zippered compartment. There are two zippers that go all the way to the bottom of the bag on each side so you can fully open your entire bag for easy access. It makes it really simple to adjust any of the items attached to the MOLLE, organize the bag’s contents, or quickly grab exactly what you need and go. The interior is large enough that it held my plate carrier, helmet, rain jacket, extra sling, and I still had room leftover for last minutes odds and ends.

RE Factor Tactical Enhanced Kit BagBoth sides of the bag’s exterior feature zippered storage compartments, clear ID panels, and sections of loop for patches and identifier panels.

RE Factor Tactical Enhanced Kit BagThe bag can be transported using the carrying straps, which have been load tested to 700 pounds, or like a backpack using the removable straps. The included backpack straps are also interchangeable with RE Factor Tactical’s Advanced Special Operations (ASO) bag. With a load limit like 700 pounds, you really can bring everything you need with you.

RE Factor Tactical Enhanced Kit BagThe bag’s bottom is both water and abrasion resistant. Instead of your bag getting torn, soiled, or wet from the ground or the elements, the bottom stays solid and intact with this added protection.

RE Factor Tactical Enhanced Kit BagOverall I have been very pleased with the functionality and build quality of the Enhanced Kit Bag. Just like the other RE Factor Tactical products I’ve used, you can tell a lot of thought and design went into it. I highly recommend it as a solid solution to storing all of your gear in one place. The RE Factor Tactical Enhanced Kit Bag comes in your choice of Ranger Green, Black, or Tan colors. The bags are made to order and ship within 7 to 10 business days. The bag retails for $189.99 and can be ordered directly through RE Factor Tactical’s website.

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