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Cool Collaboration: Beyond Clothing X Grey Ghost Gear

The Warden over at Lawless Truth just dropped a little bit of insider knowledge  …

Brand collaborations are a relatively new phenomenon. From a business perspective, its the ultimate two-fer. Two brands get the benefit of two marketing budgets, two social networking infrastructures allowing for exposure to new audiences, the injection of an interesting or compelling story, and finally, the addition of a new product that is unique and cost effective from a development and commercialization perspective.

beyond clothing grey ghost gearBeyond Clothing has the perfect platform to provide its customers with cool collaborations–the Beyond Rapid Development Cycle. The ability to develop a new product in a few weeks makes it easy to team with companies and provide crowd pleasing assortments. The Grey Ghost collaboration is the first of these and will provide an awesome limited edition jacket sporting a one-of-a-kind label.

beyond clothing grey ghost gear 2While I haven’t been able to see the final product as of yet, the initial teaser images look pretty incredible. Look for more information on this and other projects (such as the launch of the Private Reserve Label) this holiday season.

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