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Review: NEMO Equipment Ditto Slim Wallet

If you’re like me and like to travel light, you need to check out the NEMO Equipment Ditto Slim Wallet. Unlike that Costanza wallet you’ve probably got in your pocket right now, the Ditto Slim Wallet is a minimalistic approach to carrying cash and cards. Made from upcycled materials and manufacturing seconds donated from NEMO’s tent material suppliers, the Ditto Slim Wallet holds just the basics and nothing more.

nemo ditto slim wallet designI first wrote about the Ditto Slim Wallet in February when NEMO introduced it. While you might be asking yourself how hard is it to make a basic wallet, the team at NEMO went through 65 different prototypes before settling on their final design. This wallet wasn’t created on a whim or as an afterthought, but rather it’s a fully tested and evolved design from concept to production. If they put this much work into a $15 wallet, image the amount of effort that goes into their sleeping pads and tents!

Review NEMO Equipment Ditto Slim WalletThe final product is a two-sided sleeve with a stretch cover to keep your contents secure. One side of the sleeve accommodates a few cards like your drivers license, debit card, and credit card. While you can squeeze in five or six cards if you really need to, I’d recommend sticking to just three of four as that seems to be the magic number for easily getting them in and out.

Review NEMO Equipment Ditto Slim WalletThe other side creates a handy pocket for cash. While you won’t be able to make it rain in the club, you can carry a couple hundred dollars in mixed bills if you’re not storing more than four or five cards in the opposite side. Here’s a helpful tip if you decide to buy a Ditto Slim Wallet: put a business card or two behind your cash. It makes it a lot easier to pull the money out as sometimes the cash gets tucked too deep into the pocket and can be a bit challenging to remove. Plus if you have extra business cards on you, you’ll always be ready to hand them out to the guy you meet at the range or our old friend you bump into at the ballgame.

Review NEMO Equipment Ditto Slim WalletWhile at first I was hesitant to give up carrying around all my various cards, I find the NEMO Ditto Slim Wallet perfect for traveling, running errands, and working in the field. Not only does it fit perfectly in the front or back pocket of your pants or shorts, it reduces the potential monster headache of losing all of your credit cards and personal information if you happen to misplace it. In my Constanza I used to carry everything. It was way too much if you ask any security expert. The Ditto Slim Wallet forces you to carry only the essentials and nothing more.

The build quality of the wallet is fantastic. I’m going into almost seven full months of daily use. and I’ve had zero issues. While I had my doubts about the stretchy material used in the cover, it has kept its original elasticity and works flawlessly even when I’m carrying extra cash or a few extra cards with me. Overall, it’s a fantastic wallet. I touched base with a couple of our tribe members who won one in a giveaway earlier this year. Each one of them had positive feedback and said that they’re still using them daily.

The NEMO Ditto Slim Wallet retails for $14.95 and is available in a couple different color options. If  you think the Ditto Slim Wallet might be too small for your needs, be sure to check out their Ditto Wallet. It’s a great wallet as well. After four years of use I finally retried mine and switch to the Slim.

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