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iOverlander – An App Dedicated To Overlanders And Travelers

Traveling outside the United States with your own vehicle is extremely rewarding, but it can be troublesome finding a place to safely park and/or camp. When I drove around the Americas, we relied heavily on word of mouth and fellow overlanders’ blogs for camping and general tourist information. The need for a single reliable source of data is constantly growing as more and more people are deciding to drive their own vehicles out of country or around the world. Thankfully, overlanders Sam (Song of the Road) and Jessica (Life Remotely) decided to create an easy to use solution. With the help of other overlanders, they’ve created iOverlander. iOverlander is a free iOS application and website dedicated to helping overlanders and travelers with real-time, updated information from around the world.

iOverlander AppWhen traveling in unknown areas with your vehicle, some of your main requirements/needs are: finding a safe place to camp, a place to eat or buy ingredients for food, a reliable or at least semi trust worthy mechanic, or a place to refill propane. It’s also nice to have firsthand recommendations for other enjoyable things to do while you’re visiting an area or maybe even a warning on places to definitely avoid.

iOverlander AppiOverlander is built upon a crowd-generated, collaborative database that includes all of this useful information. In iOverlander, details are listed for each place, including amenities, photos, the date it was last visited, as well as GPS coordinates. Most important (this is one that really comes in handy!) is the fact that you can use the iOS app offline! You can download the places you are interested in or are traveling to, and you can then access them even if there is no wi-fi or cellphone reception. Don’t fret Android users – an Android based version of the app is already being worked on and will be released shortly.

iOverlander AppIn my opinion, part of the beauty of iOverlander is that it will evolve with its users because it’s collaborative and new data like places to camp and refuel will be constantly added. It will also serve as a great tool to keep a record of your own trip and share places with your friends and other travelers. While I’m currently preparing for our next trip at home, I am thoroughly impressed with the amount of content being added and the positive reception the app has already received! I have no doubt that iOverlander will become a “must have’ tool for those looking to travel in their own vehicle and explore the world around them.

Check out the iOverlander website for more information and updates.

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Born in Pittsburgh, Luis spent his early childhood growing up in Venezuela. In his early 20′s, he moved back to the United States and joined the Navy as a Hospital Corpsman with the Marines. In 2009, he and his wife packed up their Toyota Land Cruiser and headed south for Argentina. For the last four years, Luis and Lacey have documented their travels and life on the road at <b>Lost World Expedition</b>.

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