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Review: NOLATAC ITK (Individual Trauma Kit)

As many of you may remember, a few months back we reviewed the High Speed Gear Double Decker Combo with their new M3T Medical Taco pouch. We looked at how the purpose-built chest rig was rock solid, as well as let you know that a future review of the new NOLATAC Individual Trauma Kit (ITK) was in the works. Now, thanks to Brannon LeBouef at NOLATAC, we got our hands on their ITK and can walk you through it.

NOLATAC ITK (Individual Trauma Kit)The NOLATAC Individual Trauma Kit (ITK) arrives in a vacuum sealed, protected bag that drops right into the M3T pouch. If you’re not running the M3T pouch, it’s roughly the same size as two stacked 30-round AR magazines.

NOLATAC ITK (Individual Trauma Kit) 4For the purpose of this review, we opened up the pouch to get a closer look at the contents. The standard ITK includes the following items: (1) TK4-L Tourniquet, (1) Package of Quikclot EMS, (1) H&H Thin H Pressure Dressing, (1) Wound Seal Duo Kit, (2) Rolls of compressed gauze, and (1) Pair of nitrile gloves.

NOLATAC ITK (Individual Trauma Kit)My NOLATAC ITK also included (1) NPA, lube, and (1) decompression needle. These items are available as an add-on when purchasing the kit. The ITK is well thought-out, compact in size, and everything used in the kit is of high-quality. The obvious purpose of the ITK is bleeding and wound control. This isn’t your grandmother’s medicine cabinet to treat a skinned knee after you fell off your bike. It’s designed to stop bleeding, and fast!

NOLATAC ITK (Individual Trauma Kit)The ITK fits perfectly in the two velcro pouches included with the M3T. With the pouch being adjustable and your main TQ’s stored on the outside, you can easily fit more items in it if you think it necessary. I have yet to use the Tk4-L tourniquet that’s included with NOLATAC’s kit in a real world scenario, but I have heard lots of good feedback about them prior to obtaining this kit. It is a simple, easy to use tourniquet that’s pretty straightforward. Having recently tried it out on myself to practice real life situations, I can honestly say that I would have no objection to using this in a real life situation.

As I have said before, you should train with what you have. Trauma kits and medical emergency items are no exception. Learning as you respond to a serious or life threatening injury is not the best way to go about being ready and prepared. You’ll lose precious seconds during a bleed out that can potentially cost you your life.

The NOLATAC ITK retails for $84.95 and is available from the NOLATAC’s website. The NPA, lube, and decompression needle can be added for an extra $15. While designed specifically to fit the M3T pouch, according to NOLATAC it’ll work with the ITS Tactical Tallboy and DARK Angel pouches as well. Overall, it’s a well deigned kit that’s purpose-built to stop bleeding and control a wound. If you’re looking to upgrade your medical kit, consider checking out the NOLATAC ITK.

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