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Review: Gerber GDC Money Clip

After months of use, I’m finally ready to share my thoughts on the Gerber GDC Money Clip. It took me longer than normal to generate some conclusions about the GDC because I already had a wallet and blade combination that I really enjoyed carrying. Replacing that setup with something new was a tall order, regardless of the brand or product. I decided to try GDC for over a month as an everyday carry item. Let’s take a closer look at it …

Gerber GDC Money ClipThe Gerber GDC Money Clip is intended to be a low profile, wallet and blade combination for those that like to travel light or need something that will fly under the radar. It’s compact, measures only 3.7 inches long, and weighs just under 3.0 ounces. It retails for $32.

Gerber GDC Money ClipThe blade rests inside the money clip, which features a G10 front plate, rust proof materials, and anodized aluminum accents. The blade is held in place securely by a spring design. To remove the blade from the money clip, simply press down on the Gerber logo in the center of the neon green circle and start to slide the blade outwards.

Gerber GDC Money ClipRemoving the blade can take a little bit of work at times because it’s a tight fit. After repeated use, the spring mechanism seems to loosen up a bit and the process gets easier. Even though it gets looser over time, the blade has always felt secure inside the money clip and the spring mechanism has showed no signs of fatigue. The blade is also one-sided in the sense that it only goes into the money clip one way. While the front side has the rounded neon green ring, the reverse side is totally flat. I’m right-handed and this didn’t seem to bother me, but lefties might want to take this into consideration.

Gerber GDC Money ClipOne thing to note is that because it’s metal on metal where the blade slides over the retention button (clip), you’ll notice scuff marks on the button and blade handle after the first time you use it. The image shown here is after a couple of months of use. If you’re one that likes your safe queens or your gear has to be spotless, you might as well stop reading this review right now and move along.

Gerber GDC Money ClipThe 1.7 inch stainless steel blade has proven to be a good light duty task blade, but can be awkward at times to hold given its small size. It’ll take a while to get used to properly holding the blade in your hand, but it will become second nature after prolonged use. The serrated thumb rest helps support blade stability when in use. For reference, I typically wear a XL size glove and my ring finger measures an 11. If you have hands larger than that you might have issues gripping the blade safely. Doing things like opening boxes, cutting plastic packaging, or liberating items from zip ties and the blade feels right at home. Bigger tasks are problematic as the blade simply isn’t large enough and lack of confidence in the grip makes you second guess undertaking anything you’d normally do with a large folder or fixed blade. Overall, for its size, it does a good job and has kept a nice edge. Keep in mind that it’s less than 2 inches long.

Gerber GDC Money ClipGerber claims on their website that the GDC Money Clip will hold up to five cards, but I think the magic number is three if you travel with any cash. Anything less than that and the cards will feel too loose and like they’re going to slide out. Anything more and it gets harder to remove the blade from the opposite side. I ran it a couple different ways for a week or two at a time. The first pass was with two cards and cash (when I had it on me) and the second was with five cards. After doing both, I finally settled on three as the magic number. When using less I never had anything fall out or come loose, but it just feels more secure when there are more items under the clip. If you’re one of those guys that rocks the Costanza wallet, this thing definitely isn’t for you. If you’re a Nemo Ditto Slim guy like myself, you’ll feel at home with the GDC.

I have mixed emotions about the GDC Money Clip. I wanted to love it as I think the concept is awesome and Gerber’s execution is on point for the price tag. However, it doesn’t work for my personal lifestyle as an EDC item. I simply like a larger blade and like to carry a few more cards. That being said, I have found applications where the GDC Money Clips really does shine. It’s the perfect item when either your attire or situation doesn’t allow you to carry a larger blade or you’d rather leave you full-sized wallet at home. It’s been great for hiking with my the dog in the hills, when I need to get dressed up for a business meeting or function, or when I need to be a bit more discreet about traveling with a knife. I loved it on my recent trip to Baja. It held just the right amount of cash and cards, yet still gave me a small blade for when I needed it.

Overall, I think the Gerber GDC Money Clip is great when used in conjuction with your current wallet and blade setup, but not as a full-time replacement. The build quality and finish are on par for the price point, although I think the metal on metal issue where the blade touches the spring mechanism could be improved upon in future designs. If you’re looking for something that’ll work nicely in applications like the ones I mentioned earlier, I’d consider spending the $32 and get one.

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