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Phokus Research Group: Trauma Kits For Any And Every Situation

Trauma Kits are a vital necessity and mission critical. I’m always on the lookout for the latest in medical kits and the best ways to store them. While the kits may change and evolve over time, my criteria in selecting a kit remains constant. There are a few questions I always ask such as what are the contents, are they easy to use and identify, and what quality are the components inside?

While we were at the recent ADS Warrior Expo East, we spoke with Phokus Research Group. I had just recently heard of Phokus and was eager to check out their products in person. We met with Steve Friedlander, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Steve gave us some background information on the company and walked us through the entire product line.. The first thing I noticed was the high-quality of the packaging used in their trauma kits and how nicely laid out they were. We asked Steve if we could test them out in person and he was more than happy to send a few our way. While Phokus makes a variety of different kits for various applications, we’re going to focus on the SONS Low Visibility Deployment II and SONS Deployment Trauma Kit II.

PHOKUS RESEARCHSONS Low Visibility Deployment Kit II
The SONS Low Visibility Deployment Kit II comes packaged in a waterproof, heavy-duty medical grade vinyl package. Unlike traditional vacuum packed kits, the Phokus kits are pressure sealed with radio frequency (RF) welded seams. The packaging ensures that everything inside the kit remains sterile and protected from external elements. Overall it’s no thicker than ¾ of an inch thick and packs away easily in a back pocket, cargo pocket, or small bag.

The SONS Low Visibility Deployment Kit II includes: Combat Gauze,  NPA w/ 550, 14G Needle, Occlusive Dressing X 2, TCCC Casualty Card, 4” Z-Fold Gauze, (2) 2” Safety Pins, 3” Elastic Bandage, Nitrile Gloves, and a Sharpie marker. The kit is also packed for quick deployment and designed around injury patterns in order of priority so you can treat the trauma rapidly with the proper supplies. To access the contents in a trauma situation, simply grab the handle and pull the ripcord.

To top it off, the entire kit only weighs 9.0 ounces. Not only do you have a full trauma kit that will allow you to treat many types of injuries, but it takes up a minimal footprint in regard to weight and size. There is also a tiny pill pouch built into the backside of the kit as well. The pouch itself can also be used as an occlusive dressing. I have carried this kit in my cargo pocket and back pocket without it feeling cumbersome or bulky. When carried in an everyday carry bag or pack, it’s hardly noticeable. I like how this kit blends seamlessly with my lifestyle and I can take it with me without it printing that I’m carrying a trauma kit with me.

For those of you that wear a plate carrier, Phokus has developed the SONS Deployment Trauma Kit II. Sized to fit behind medium ballistic plates, the Deployment Trauma Kit II features the same medical grade, heavy-duty vinyl packing but is no more than ¾” thick. The contents of this kit are exactly the same as the SONS Low Visibility Deployment Kit II with the addition of an extra 4” Z-Fold Gauze. This kit also has a built-in pull handle on the bottom to make it easier to grab the pouch when needed.

PHOKUS RESEARCH TRAUMA KIT 4I am a huge fan of this kit for obvious reasons. First, it’s stored inside your carrier which means it’s not in an external pouch that can get caught on door latches, your turret hatch safety harness, or anything else you may come in contact with. Second, with everyone having the kit stored in the same place it removes the guesswork and precious time lost searching for their IFAK when you can already be treating them. Here is a short video from Phokus Research Group about the SONS Deployment Trauma Kit:

Phokus Research Group Trainer Trauma Kit

Phokus Research Group Trainer Trauma Kit

Another unique product that Phokus Research Group offers is their Trainer pouch. While it resembles the Deployment Trauma Kit II , it features a zippered opening on the side of the outer pouch. This allows you the ability to train utilizing the same kit and contents you’d carry without having to break the sterile seal on your main SONS Deployment Trauma Kit II. Phokus Research Group has a few other trauma kits available designed for even more discreet carry and vehicle operations.

The high-quality packaging, well thought out design, and ease of both access and use make the Phokus Research Group kits an easy choice. I found the kits to be incredibly lightweight given the contents and I like the small footprint they take up in your clothing or in your kit. For more information about Phokus Research Group and available kits, please visit their website or check them out on Facebook.

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