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DemerBox The Bang and The Big Bang

If you’re someone who likes to take your music with you, you might want to check out The Bang and The Big Bang from DemerBox. Based in Portland, Maine, DemerBox builds rugged, battery-powered boom boxes for those on the go. Unlike many of the portable speaker units you see on the market today, the DemerBox units are built tough from the ground up.

demerbox lifestyleCreated by James Demer, a location sound mixer for film and television, DemerBox was born out of necessity of needing quality audio playback while working remotely in the field. Not only did the audio have to sound good, the unit had to survive the harsh conditions it would be subjected to. The original prototype was created in 2010 by using a Pelican Case and an extra set of speakers that was lying around. Over the last three years Demer has built many prototypes, further refined the design, and is now ready to put them into full production. Now, with the help of a newly launched Kickstarter campaign, the DemerBox is finally ready to hit the market with two different models.

demerbox the bang updatedThe Bang, the smaller unit of the two available, is roughly the size of a lunch box and features a single speaker design. Featuring a 3″ speaker and up to 40 hours of audio playback via mini audio jack or Bluetooth, The Bang is a perfect companion for those on the go. With it’s highly functional design, The Bang also serves double duty by giving you the ability to store small items inside. The case is a genuine Pelican case and made in the USA, just like the conformally coated circuit boards that DemerBox has custom-made. The Bang will retail for $299 and comes in Haast Orange, Paniman Yellow, Roseau Blue, and Barrow Black.

demerbox the big bang updatedThe Big Bang features two speakers and is roughly the size of soccer ball. With its two speaker design, The Big Bang offers enhanced stereo sound when compared to the smaller The Bang. The Big Bang will play up to 40 hours of music as well. However, a special Kickstarter edition has up to 90 hours of audio play time between charges to keep the party going until the wee hours of the morning. The Big Bang will retail for $399 when it’s released. It will also have the same color options as The Bang.

The DemerBox Kickstarter campaign runs until September 13th. At the time of publishing this article, DemerBox has received $17,411 towards their goal of $60,000. The first units sold are scheduled to arrive in December of this year. For more information about DemerBox, you can check out their website or find them on Facebook.

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