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Review: Karrimor Sabre Delta 25 Backpack

A few months ago I began searching for a new everyday carry (EDC) pack that would also work as a light hiking bag. To narrow down the field of options, I listed a few of my top requirements. The bag had to have: comfortable padded straps, a padded back panel, a large easy to get access to main compartment, a waist belt, and easy adjustments to fit the specific mission at hand.

When I started doing my research I remembered a specific bag that a few of the British soldiers had when I was deployed in Afghanistan. I dug through my old Rite in the Rain notepads and found the name “Karrimor SF” scribbled down. When I looked them up online, I found that the Karrimor US Distributor is Grey Ghost Gear.

Review Karrimor Sabre Delta 25 Backpack-2I was telling a friend of mine about shopping for a new bag and that I had found one I was interested in getting, but that I hadn’t had a chance to order one yet. To my surprise, my friend went ahead and ordered me one. A few days later I found a package on my doorstep and a new Karrimor Sabre Delta 25 was inside. It was truly an incredible gift and one that I’ll be appreciative of for years to come.

The Karrimor Sabre Delta 25 pack is constructed with 1000 Denier nylon fabric and is coated with a silicone/PU elastomer for improved tear strength and flex resistance. Karrimor finishes the pack with a fluorocarbon durable water repellent (DWR) to keep the moisture out and the pack’s contents dry. If you’ve read any of my earlier bag reviews, like my recent one on the Eagle Industries A-III Medical Pack, you know that I always check out the straps first. In this department, Karrimor is not messing around on this bag.

Review Karrimor Sabre Delta 25 Backpack strapsThe straps on the Karrimor Sabre Delta 25 are thick, well padded, and the stitching is excellent. Each shoulder strap has a single piece of webbing that runs the entire length of the strap and a polymer D ring has been sewn in to create an extra attachment point if needed. The straps are also backed by a mesh padding that allows air to flow easily and sweat to evaporate out, as opposed to soaking completely into the straps. Adjustment is easy and the anchor points at the bottom of the bag are stitched solidly in place. An adjustable sternum strap is attached and its placement and function felt right on point.

Review Karrimor Sabre Delta 25 Backpack strap anchorOne feature that I am really impressed with is where the upper part of the straps are anchored to the bag. Rather than a straight stitch across the top, the straps are attached and sewn in at an angle with a double-webbed anchor point. I found this to be extremely comfortable when I wore the pack. The straps are already angled over the shoulder and the shape contours to the body nicely.

Review Karrimor Sabre Delta 25 Backpack back panelThe Coolmesh Windtunnel padded back system is pretty awesome. The padded mesh begins at the top of the bag and curves slightly as it reaches the bottom of the bag, gradually widening from top to bottom. Instead of multiple areas of padding across the back of the pack you only have two, and those touch everywhere you’d want them to. Under a lighter load, the padding worked well. Under a heavier load, they were spot on and the bag was definitely comfortable to carry. In my testing I didn’t feel the mesh begin to cave in or thin out at all. It also greatly assisted me in keeping my pack in place while I was hiking or using it in the field.

Review Karrimor Sabre Delta 25 Backpack waistbeltWhile the waist belt is not padded, it is constructed of a mesh material for extra breathability. It’s also thick enough to offer the proper support while carrying the bag and your gear.

Review Karrimor Sabre Delta 25 Backpack side pocketsThe exterior of the pack features two large mesh pockets located at the bottom of the bag on each side. There are perfect for a Nalgene bottle or whatever other piece of kit you may want to get access to in a hurry without opening the main compartment.

Review Karrimor Sabre Delta 25 Backpack exterior pocketThere is a single exterior pocket on the outside of the pack with a zippered closure. The opening is protected by an over flap. I found the pouch to be generous in size and I was able to fit a folded rain jacket inside it without issue.

Review Karrimor Sabre Delta 25 Backpack webbingOn top of the exterior pouch and at the top of the pack, there is a web of shock cord. The shock cord can be tightened using the supplied tightening clip. Loosening the web is easy by simply squeezing the clip and pulling. There are two angled straps farther down the front side of the pack. They begin at the bottom and cross over each other diagonally, anchored to the sides of the pack about midway up. These are great for cinching the pack tighter. Across the bottom of the bag on both sides are four heavily sewn loops that are intended for use with ice axes and crampons. They also work great as anchor points for other straps or attaching other gear on the outside of the pack.

Review Karrimor Sabre Delta 25 Backpack zipperThe main compartment is accessed by two YKK zippers with corded pulls. A specific feature I’d like to highlight is the silicone part of the main zipper. I field tested it by pouring water over it constantly when closed and not one drop made it into the pack. Everything was still nice and dry! With no oversewn flap to contend with, the zippers pulled with ease and you can quickly access the bag’s contents. The main compartment is good in size and comparable with most 3 day assault packs, with a volume of 25 Litres, or about 1,525 cubic inches. As with most packs, the Karrimor Sabre Delta 25 it is hydration compatible and there is a separate pouch in the main compartment for holding a water bladder.

Review Karrimor Sabre Delta 25 Backpack insideYou can also access the main compartment via a zippered opening on top of the bag near the carry handle. The zipper is covered by a flap made of the same material as the body of the pack. I found that it did not hinder use or accessibility of the opening. Once you unzipped, you can easily reach inside to grab something from the bag’s contents. You can also access the small zippered pouch built into the top of the main compartment. The pouch is sized to fit a map, compass, and a small folded up hat. I found it also fit my sub-compact pistol in with ease.

Overall, the Karrimor Sabre Delta 25 backpack is a simple, straight forward design. It features heavy-duty construction and can be easily adjusted to fit the mission at hand. The layout is well thought out and proved to work well during real use in the field. The pack, which is available from Grey Ghost Gear, retails for just under $120 and comes in three different color options: Black, Coyote Brown, and Olive. If you’re in the market for a EDC bag, I recommend you check out the Karrimor Sabre Delta 25 backpack. Grey Ghost Gear also carries some larger options from Karrimor that can carry up to 6,100 cubic inches.

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