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Recap: Warrior Expo East

Recently part of the MOTUS team attended the Warrior Expo East in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Hosted by ADS Inc., the Warrior Expo is designed to bring end users, program managers, and procurements specialists together with ADS solutions partners in an environment designed specifically for government and defense organizations.  With over 240 exhibitors, the Warrior Expo is the trade show to attend if you’re DOD, Government, Law Enforcement, or a First Responder. There is also a Warrior Expo West held in San Diego every spring.

ADS Warrior Expo East BERG 1883

The Warrior Expo, which also provides educational breakout sessions and hands-on product demonstrations, is a way for key decision makers and end users to see firsthand the products and services offered by ADS Inc. The primary goal of ADS Inc. is to bring together all of your needs in a seemless transaction and give support as needed. Many of the professionals at ADS Inc. are former Military and Law Enforcement. With their knowledge and experience, the entire process of addressing your particular needs can be streamlined to help you complete your mission on time.

ADS Warrior Expo EastOne of the biggest values that ADS Inc. brings to the table is supply chain logistics. Their goal is to get gear to warriors in a fast and efficient way. However, this sometimes requires an outside the box approach. ADS Inc. staff works with buyers and agencies to not only deliver solutions, but engineer custom solutions when needed. Working with their industry partners, they can create unique responses to their client’s challenges.

ADS Warrior Expo East Mystery Ranch

With so many different manufacturers and products to look at, we used it as an opportunity to see what new products would be hitting the market. Mystery Ranch had a full array of pack and bags on display. Ranging from small single purpose bags to large load out options, it was great to check them out in person and walk through the many features built into their designs.

ADS Warrior Expo East Nemo EquipmentNemo Equipment was showcasing their latest in tents, sleeping bags, and air mattresses. Their compact, high performance designs continue to push the envelope when it comes to comfort and portability. If you haven’t checked out their Helio Pressure Shower yet, you might want to take a closer look. Whether you’re in the field for work or play, everyone loves a shower after a couple long days.

ADS Warrior Expo East Phokus Research Group Trama KitWe also met with Phokus Research Group and took a look at their full line of trauma kits. Designed to eliminate bulky medical pouches that can take up too much space on your kit, Phokus Research Group’s kits are only 1/2″ to 3/4″ thick at their widest point and can fit behind medium ballistic plates. Look for an upcoming review on MOTUS of one of their kits.

ADS Warrior Expo East Beyond ClothingThe team from Beyond Clothing walked us through some of their new products as well as highlighted some of the design details that sets them apart from other manufacturers in the space. Their AXIOS jackets, Mission Pant, and upcoming A9-OG pant were impressive. The attention to detail and high build quality definitely caught our attention.

ADS Warrior Expo East London Bridge TradingWe also spent a great deal of time with London Bridge Trading (LBT) checking out all of their new products, including the new Assaulter’s panel with Double Decker TACO’s from High Speed Gear (HSGI). This panel is compatible with their new Mission Adaptive Panel (MAP) System that was designed with Chris Costa. The LBT/HSGI partnership is a great example of two solid companies coming together to create solutions for end-user needs.

Overall, the show was a great opportunity to see many of these products firsthand and speak with their manufacturers about the designs and thought process behind them. As a soldier, I urge anyone in uniform to attend. Whether you’re on the ground getting it done, the supply logistician tasked with ordering and procurement, or the person operating the drone and ISR feeds, the Warrior Expo is a great opportunity to see what’s available for you to complete your mission with greater precision. And besides, who doesn’t like checking out all the latest and greatest in gear and gadgets! For more information about ADS Inc., or Warrior Expo East and Warrior Expo West, check out the ADS Inc. website.

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