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Combat Flip Flops Launches “Rock The Cashmagh” Campaign

Our friends at Combat Flip Flops have recently launched a new crowd funding campaign called “Rock the Cashmagh.” Using VetLaunch, a crowd funding platform designed by veterans to help fund veteran owned projects, Combat Flip Flops is looking to launch a cashmere scarf line. Using wool from local goat farmers in Afghanistan, Combat Flip Flops’ goal is to produce luxury goods for First World markets.

The “Rock the Cashmagh” campaign’s goal is to raise $15,000 towards launching this new product line. The funds will go towards helping to set up a stable enterprise that will give Afghan goat farmers the means and resources to provide for their families. There are more than 450,000 cashmere goat herders living and working within Afghanistan. While 95% of the goats in Afghanistan are the cashmere producing type, only 30% of them are actually being harvested for cashmere production.

Successful funding of this campaign will allow Combat Flip Flops to aid Afghan herders in a couple of ways. First, it will allow them to help provide much-needed resources and tools to increase cashmere production. Second, it will help create a larger export market for Afghan cashmere. The Department of Defense believes that there is such a huge potential for cashmere exportation, they’ve assigned a special task force to streamline exportation processes and organize the industry nationally. Combat Flip Flops is working directly with the Cashmere Task Force to help develop and execute this program. On top of helping the Afghan herders, part of the funds generated in the “Rock the Cashmagh” campaign go towards funding secondary school for Afghan girls through Aide Afghanistan for Education (AAE).

For more information about the “Rock the Cashmagh” campaign, you can watch this video created by Combat Flip Flops:

We wish Griff and the entire Combat Flip Flops team much success on this new campaign. 100% cashmere scarves are awesome by themselves, but they’re even cooler when you know how purchasing one can make such an incredible impact on another person’s life. To learn more about the “Rock the Cashmagh” campaign, check it out on VetLaunch. We also recommend checking out our recent review of their awesome Claymore Bag.

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