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ARB Releases Modular Bull Bar For 2011+ Ford Super Duty F250/350

New from ARB is the Modular Bull Bar for 2011 and newer Ford Super Duty F250 and F350 pickup trucks. Modern in styling, the new bumper takes a modular approach as opposed to the “one size fits most” bumpers of the past. ARB wanted to produce a bumper that aesthetically matched the tough and rugged appearance of the Super Duty. Let’s take a closer look at the standard features found on each bumper, as well as the three different options available.

ARB Ford Super Duty Modular Bull Bar Kit Winch and HooksStarting with heavy-duty steel construction, ARB engineered the bumpers to be fully airbag compatible. The core of the bumper is the open center pan which allow for easy winch fitment. Since big trucks require big winches, the Ford Super Duty Modular Bull Bar provides a winch mounting platform large enough to accommodate the Warn Industries Heavy Weight winch series up to the 16.5ti. Either a hawse or roller fairlead can be used depending upon personal preference and needs. If you don’t plan on installing a winch, a steel reinforced screen and bracket are provided for a clean, finished look. The factory tow points stay intact on the Modular Bull Bar and the original equipment hooks remain in their standard location along with keeping the factory tow rating.

ARB Ford Super Duty Modular Bull Bar Kit LightsFord Super Duty owners looking to add more lighting to the front of their truck have plenty of options with the Modular Bull Bar. Each center pan comes standard with a set of 51W 9006/H4B4 halogen dog lights. The lights have a hard coated polycarbonate lens along with an impact resistant housing. The fog lights are easily integrated into the factory wiring to keep use of the original equipment switch. Additional lighting can be mounted to the Modular Bull Bar using the laser cut holes located on the top of the center pan. ARB’s Intensity LED lights, as well as IPF 968, 800, and 900 series lights, fit nicely and mount up easily.

Other standard features on the ARB Ford Super Duty Modular Bull Bar included two reinforced Hi-Lift jacking points and ARB’s new Integrit™ texture powder coating. The Integrit™ powder coating is a proprietary polymer blend manufactured in Australia that delivers increased resistance to damage from road debris, weathering, surface abrasion, and off-road usage. ARB has even gone one step further to combat corrosion by pre-treating the Modular Bull Bar with a zinc rich powder coat primer before applying the Integrit™. The Integrit™ powder coated surfaces also benefit from self-cleaning capabilities as the formula uses a synthetic PTFE wax for resistance against dirt and road grime. Now let’s take a look at the different confirmations available.

ARB Ford Super Duty Modular Bull Bar Kit - Base

The Base Style Bull Bar is a full width bumper replacement for the Ford Super Duty pickup, without any added uprights or outer frames. Included with the kit are a center pan and two outer wing sections. The design gives the Super Duty a robust winch platform and important impact protection.

ARB Ford Super Duty Modular Bull Bar Kit - SaharaSAHARA STYLE BULL BAR – MSRP $2,341
The Sahara adds a center upright hoop to the full width base bumper. The hoop provides additional protection around the truck’s front grille and critical components.

ARB Ford Super Duty Modular Bull Bar Kit - DeluxeFULL DELUXE STYLE BULL BAR – MSRP $2,620
The Full Deluxe Bull Bar includes the full width lower bumper replacement, the center upright hoop found on the Sahara model, and added outer frames. According to ARB, this kit provides the highest level of protection for the truck and occupants. Additional mounting points for antennas have been added to the outer frames. The welded mounts allow for fitment of UHF/AM radio and CB antennas.

The ARB Ford Super Duty Modular is now available from ARB USA. The full press release featuring all the details about the new Modular Bull Bar can be found on the ARB website. For questions, or to find your nearest authorized ARB retailer new you, please visit the Contact page on the ARB website or call (866) 293-9078.

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