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Review: RE Factor Tactical Buttstock Tourniquet Holder

tour·ni·quet  [tur-ni-kit, toor-]  Noun

  1. Medicine/Medical, Surgery . any device for arresting bleeding by forcibly compressing a blood vessel, as a bandage tightened by twisting.

For most of us who have served in some sort of uniformed service, a tourniquet is an often carried item that comes with numerous hours of training. It’s something that we are warned to use only as a last resort. There are many schools of thought on how and when to apply them. While their proper use certainly needs to be addressed, today we will focus not on the tourniquet itself, but a simple and efficient way to carry one.

Review RE Factor Tactical Buttstock Tourniquet HolderThe RE Factor Tactical Buttstock Tourniquet Holder is designed for quick and easy access to the user’s tourniquet. It can be used to augment any other tourniquets you may already have on you such as in your IFAK or other medical kit. The Buttstock Tourniquet Holder utilizes two bungee cords that mount to most common buttstock options that are available.

Review RE Factor Tactical Buttstock Tourniquet Holder

The bungee cords are thin enough that they will not interfere with the proper functionality of your charging handle. The bungee straps are easily adjusted to your buttstock and with the help of the built-in non-slip area on the back of the holder, they insure minimal to no movement while actively using your weapon.

Review RE Factor Tactical Buttstock TQ Holder

Each Buttstock Tourniquet Holder is proudly made in the USA of 1000D Cordura and is available in either Black or Tan color options. Just like their Operator Band that we recently reviewed, the RE Factor Tactical build quality is excellent and the attention to detail is noticeable. I have been using it for quite some time and found that it performs exactly as it’s supposed to.

Review RE Factor Tactical Buttstock Tourniquet Holder

Just like any weapon or piece of gear that you utilize, it is important that you train with them accordingly. Whether you are at the range or home, make sure you safely incorporate drills to remove your tourniquet from the Buttstock Tourniquet Holder. Precious seconds count when a wound presents itself. You don’t want to be the one fumbling around for your tourniquet or learning how to remove it from its holder, especially if you are by yourself with no help in sight!

The RE Factor Tactical Buttstock Tourniquet Holder retails for $24.95 and is available to order on RE Factor Tactical’s website. For more information about the holder, or any of the other products that RE Factor Tactical produces, please visit their website.

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