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Review: Pangea Designs Pickpocket Alpha

For the last six months I’ve been using the Pangea Designs Pickpocket Alpha on my key ring. Made in the USA out of titanium, the Pickpocket was designed as a pocket clip for hanging your keys inside the pocket of your pants or shorts, from a belt loop, or just about any place you’d normally store them. It also features a bottle opener claw so you’re always ready to crack open a cold one after a long day of work or hitting the trail.

When it first arrived, I have to admit that I expected something much larger in size. After using a skeleton key or other multi-tool key ring accessories for years, I must admit that I had grown accustomed to hauling around a boat anchor with my keys. I immediately put the Pickpocket into service and decided to test it out. Here’s a short video created by Pangea Designs showing the Pickpocket in use:

I noticed a couple of things right off the bat within the first couple weeks of using it. For starters, I really started to enjoy the fact that the keys weren’t buried deep in my pockets and I could quickly access them if needed. While it might not sound like that big of a deal, when your hands are full and you’re trying to unlock the door of your truck or get into your house it can be problematic if your keys are buried in your pocket. On days when I switch cars with my fiancée, I notice that I miss having the functionality of the Pickpocket. Another thing I like about the pickpocket is the size. It seems to be just right for what it does. If fits perfectly within my key ring and isn’t too bulky or oddly sized.

Pangea Designs Pickpocket AlphaOne of the greatest uses I’ve found for the Pangea Designs Pickpocket Alpha is for keeping my keys stored in my bag when traveling. When working from the road or catching a flight, I use the Pickpocket to hang my keys inside of an admin pouch or the front pocket of my backpack or messenger bag. I can quickly unzip the pocket and grab the keys rather than digging through the bottom of pocket trying to find them. Keeping them hooked on also keeps them from getting tossed about and potentially scratching whatever else is in the pocket with them.

There are a couple of items I would like to point out about the Pickpocket though before you consider buying one. First and foremost, it’s a pocket clip that has a bottle opener built it. You’ll find no pry bar, sharp edge, spanner tool, or any of the other functional widgets that come on other key ring accessories. If you’re expecting an all-in-one solution for a key ring tool, this isn’t it. It’s designed to perform a simple task and it does that task very well. Second, you’ll need to learn that when using the Pickpocket you can’t jam your hands in your pants pocket if you’re quickly looking for something. The top edge of the clip (the part that comes up and over whatever you’re hooking it onto) will take a chuck out of your skin by your knuckles. It only took once or twice to learn that lesson. Being right-handed, I use my Pickpocket in my front left pocket and will put my wallet or phone in my front right pocket since I access them the most.

I think the Pangea Designs Pickpocket Alpha is a great tool and it’s one that I utilize daily. The Alpha version runs $20 and there is also a Torq version for the same price that has an added a 1/4″ hex wrench built into the body. Either model of the Pickpocket can also be ordered in a denim blue anodized finish for $5 more. For more information about the Pangea Designs Pickpocket Alpha, visit their website.

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