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Review: ECHO NiNER Patch Pouch

Recently I was introduced to the ECHO NiNER Patch Pouch, a small 3.5″ x 2.25″ pouch that can be affixed to any piece of loop you may have on your pack, camera strap, or clothing. While at first I wanted to put this in the “tacticool” column, after using it on a couple of trips I’ve found it to actually be quite handy.

Echo Niner Patch PouchThe Patch Pouch is available in Black, Coyote, and Multicam and retails for $9 on the ECHO NiNER website. The Patch Pouch acts like an extra pocket to keep something small that you may need in a hurry or want to hide in plain sight. For some that could be extra cash, memory cards, handcuff key, or whatever else small in size that you want easy access to.

Echo Niner Patch PouchThere isn’t a large amount of room inside the pouch, but for my needs it has worked perfectly. I keep two extra SD cards for the camera inside of the Pocket Pouch. Whether it’s attached on the outside of my pack or on my camera strap, I can quickly access the pouch and swap out the cards without having to drop my bag or dig for them in a pocket. The pouch will bulge slightly when items are inside, but it looks more discreet when an additional patch is added to the outside loop front panel.

Proudly made in the USA by ECHO NiNER and selling for under $10, the Pocket Pouch might be a good addition to your kit. I’m going to order one in the Black and Multicam to go with my other packs. For more information on the Pocket Pouch, or to learn more about the other products available from Echo Niner, check out their website.

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