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Review: Combat Flip Flops Claymore Bag

When I met Griff from Combat Flip Flops at Shot Show 2014, he was carrying a small bag. As he sat down with us to discuss the Combat Flip Flops product lineup for 2014, he kept producing items from what seemed to be an impossibly small bag considering all the of the contents he removed. It was like watching a clown car at the circus. After he emptied the entire bag and its contents on the table, he began to explain the history of the design.

combat flip flops feature (2)Based on the actual shape and size of the satchel used to transport anti-personnel mines in combat, the Claymore Bag from Combat Flip Flops is a great option for discrete everyday carry (EDC). The bag utilizes a three pocket design with a single flap to cover them all. Much like a small messenger bag in concept, the bag is very functional for every day use. Inside the front two pockets, you’ll find loop material to add a variety of accessories.

Combat Flip Flops Claymore BagOur Claymore Bag came with a sunglasses pouch and a vertical pocket. The vertical pocket has a bungee retention device much like a rifle magazine pouch. This can be used to hold mundane items like a cell phone or GPS, but I found it ideal for storage and retention of a sidearm. I carry the bag with a full size 1911 style pistol with no adverse effects. The bungee retains the pistol securely in place, but still allows for a quick deployment from a concealed carry if needed.

Combat Flip Flops Claymore BagMOTUS Insulated Bottle fits nicely in the front pouch. After the addition of a mag pouch from High Speed Gear, I was able to move most of my EDC into the Claymore. There are looped webbing pieces in the front pockets for storing and keeping at the ready pens, ChemLights, and sorts of other slender objects.

The main pocket is perfect for a 13″ MacBook, tablet or small laptop. With PALS webbing standard on the interior of the main pocket, additional versatility is easily gained for organizing your gear and the bag’s contents. Any number of PALS compliant accessories could be attached to avoid the dreaded black hole of any large open bag. In my personal Claymore, I use a length of hook and loop strap to secure the power supplies for my phone and laptop to webbing. The single flap covering the bag uses a double retention system of both velcro and snaps. This adds an additional layer of security to insure loose items do not exit the bag inadvertently.

Combat Flip Flops Claymore BagLooking over the design elements of the bag, I was quickly drawn to the similarities of the strap to a rifle sling. A quick adjust slider for length and fantastic attachment points to the bag indicate a bag that is made for the long haul. One of the things I like most about the Claymore Bag is that it doesn’t scream “tactical” and fits in well with upscale work attire or around town casual use. From the outside, one might not give this bag a second glance. However, it’s a lightweight, high function option for those of us needing a solid bag to carry our daily goods.

Combat Flip Flops Claymore Bag ColorsThe Combat Flip Flops Claymore Bag is available in three different color options: Black, Urban Grey, and Coyote Brown. The Claymore retails for $89.00 and is US made. Another thing to note is that Combat Flip Flops is a cause driven company, with a stated goal of giving back to communities that have suffered due to the violence of war. For more information about the Claymore Bag, or to learn more about the other products available from Combat Flip Flops, you can visit their website or check them out on Facebook.

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