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Review: Black Center Tactical IWB Kydex Holster

Holsters are a very personal thing. If you carry everyday as I do, they are a constant source of frustration and discomfort. I used to fully believe that carrying concealed was comforting, not comfortable. That is until I spent some time (and money) and talked about my carry options with a custom holster maker.

Black Center Tactical IWB Kydex HolsterMy search lead me to to John Bonnett of Black Center Tactical. John and I spent a great deal of time talking about the various concealed carry options available. We discussed things like carry position, style, color, and the many other numerous details that went into making a custom holster. I decided on a setup I liked, placed my order, and a couple of weeks later a small box arrived in the mail. Inside were two Glock 26 holsters. The holsters were identical, except for color.

Now this may not seem important until you stop and think about the fact that all of John’s holsters are custom-made to order. He does not use automated production or mass produce his holsters. Each one is carefully made by hand in his small shop in southern California.

I carry in the three-thirty or four o’clock position. The single clip IWB (inside the waistband) design fits well in a wide range of clothes and is at the perfect height to get a full combat grip for a consistent draw stroke. I would have expected the single clip to allow the holster to move on my waist, but the design has proven itself to work VERY well. It is a stable, secure, and comfortable platform to carry in.

Black Center Tactical IWB Kydex HolsterBlack Center Tactical IWB Kydex HolsterSince all Black Center Tactical holsters are made by hand, you can order custom configurations, colors, and hardware to make your own holster truly personal.  We worked with John to produce holsters feature custom printed Kydex from Index Fasteners and display the MOTUS logo. The fit, finish, and detail of John’s work is amazing. Neoprene washers are used to isolate the clip from the main body of the holster, which allows for retention adjustment with a simple screwdriver. All of the edges are smoothed and polished with nothing to snag or bite your skin.

To say that I am happy with my IWB Kydex holsters from Black Center Tactical would be an understatement. I will no doubt be adding a few more to my collection. If you’d like more information about Black Center Tactical, or to learn more about the custom Kydex holsters, please visit their website or check them out on Facebook.


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