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How many of you have ever driven your truck somewhere only to realize you left the keys to the cargo boxes, hitch, or trailer back at home? I think we’ve all done it at some point. It would take two hands to count how many locks I’ve had to cut off in the past couple years after leaving keys behind or grabbing the wrong set. It’s good to know that there might finally be a solution! Meet the BOLT series of locks from STRATTEC Security Corporation.

bolt locksBOLT locks allow to you set all of your truck, trailer, and cargo locks to work off your ignition key. By simply inserting your ignition key into the BOLT lock the first time, it instantly learns the key code. All BOLT locks feature a six plate tumbler sidebar to prevent picking and bumping and large cylinder for security. They’re also automotive grade with a weather-resistant shutter for surviving in the elements. Here is a video of how the BOLT locks work:

BOLT locks are currently available in the following applications: padlock, 6′ cable locks, 1/2″ & 5/8″ receiver locks, trailer spare tire locks, Jeep spare tire locks, toolbox latches, and GM tailgate handles. The BOLT series of locks retail between $21.99 and $39.99 depending upon the application. You can purchase them online or find a local dealer through their Retail Finder.

The hat tip goes to Sean Jennings, AKA @defconbrix on Instagram, for turning us on to BOLT locks. We asked him his thoughts on them since he started using them. Sean said, “I’m completely blown away with these locks. They’re truly very high quality and having only 1 key for all of them is so nice. I wish I would have known about these years ago!” Sounds pretty solid it us. We’re going to order a set, test them out, and report back on our thoughts.

In the meantime, have any of you tried the BOLT locks? What are you thoughts? We’d love to hear your feedback on them!

Feature Photo Credit: Sean Jennings

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