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Overland Expo 2014

Next week, thousands of do-it-yourself travel enthusiasts will descend upon Mormon Lake Lodge in northern Arizona for Overland Expo 2014. The largest event of its kind, Overland Expo 2014 takes place May 16 – 18 and definitely has something for everyone. Regardless if you prefer to travel by two wheels or four, the vast amount of vehicles and gear on display is enough to make anybody’s imagination run wild!

Overland Expo 2014Overland Expo 2014Overland Expo 2014There are over 140 different classes, workshops, and roundtable discussions scheduled covering a host of topics from how to prepare and outfit your vehicle to dealing with customs and visas in foreign countries. Many of the classes are hands-on, like the 4×4 training, and taught by industry professionals. This means you’ll be getting education and behind the wheel training in your own vehicle. The lecture classes cover subjects you won’t typically find locally and can be a great resource as you plan your next adventure.

Overland Expo 2014Overland Expo 2014Overland Expo 2014

Overland Expo 2014 will have over 180 exhibitors scheduled to attend selling everything from camping gear and off-road parts to $300,000 fully outfitted rigs that are ready to travel the globe. It’s a great opportunity to see what’s new on the market and get a sneak peek at some of the products that will be launching later this year. Throughout the three days at Overland Expo you’ll find vendor happy hours, meet and greets, and even product demonstrations and Q and A sessions with authors and seasoned travelers.

Overland Expo 2014Overland Expo 2014Overland Expo 2014Overland Expo 2014

If anything, Overland Expo 2014 is opportunity to see a variety of vehicles and camping setups while learning from some of the most experienced travelers in the world. It’s a place to make new friends and connect with old ones you haven’t seen in years. Whether you’re looking to get your own setup dial in, or are just getting your feet wet when it comes to overland travel, this is definitely the place to start. For all the registration details and to order tickets, be sure to visit the Overland Expo website. Day passes are available and it’s a great way for first timers to check out and see firsthand what Overland Expo is all about.

Overland Expo 2014Overland Expo 2014Overland Expo 2014Overland Expo 2014

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