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Index Fasteners Launches Custom Printed Kydex

Index Fasteners’ Thermoplastics Division recently launched their custom printed Kydex service. New to the marketplace, custom printed Kydex gives custom holster makers and end consumers the ultimate in total customization. No longer limited to simply selecting a color of Kydex or a pattern, this new service allows you to have patterns, corporate logos, or even custom designs printed directly on the Kydex and then formed into custom holsters, sheaths, and accessories.

Index Fasteners Custom Printed KydexWe partnered with Index Fasteners and Black Center Tactical to test out this new process and make our team some custom MOTUS holsters. We started by having Index Fasteners print the MOTUS logo on white Kydex and then Johnny at Black Center Tactical worked his magic and custom-made a handful of holsters that were a perfect fit to each one of our favorite sidearms. We also made an additional custom MOTUS holster for the grand prize winner in our 12 Days of MOTUS giveaway.

motus holsterWe took our new MOTUS holsters with us on our recent trip out to Moab and Area BFE with 5.11 Tactical. We loved the response we got from people when they first saw the holsters. After we told them about the process and what Index Fasteners was now offering, you could see the wheels turning in their heads as they thought about what design they’d have printed on their own custom Kydex holster.

We are excited about this new custom printing service and are definitely looking forward to seeing what custom designs people will be coming up with in the future. If you’re thinking about ordering some custom printed Kydex for yourself, you should know there is an additional charge for the service and there could be a bit of lead time as well.

Index Fasteners is constantly pushing the limits in their industry and we’re thrilled to see them bring this new service to market. If you have any questions about custom printed Kydex, or any of Index Fasteners’ many products and services available, feel free to give them at call at (800) 230-3964 or visit their website. If you’re interested in having your own Kydex holster made with the new custom printed material, just like our custom MOTUS holsters, please contact Johnny at Black Center Tactical.

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