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baja banditosLast August we featured a story about Ryan Millen and the launch of Millen Adventures. Millen and his team run professionally guided adventures throughout Baja California, the Mojave Desert, and other remote locations in the Southwest. With the growing popularity of their trips, Millen was looking for a way to service clients who don’t own a 4×4 or weren’t interested in taking their own rig down to Baja. This lead to the recent launch of Baja Banditos.

baja-banditosUnlike Millen Adventures trips where you drive you’re own rig, a Baja Banditos trip puts you in the driver’s seat of one of Millen’s customized Polaris XP1000 UTVs. With over 100 horsepower and a fraction of the weight of a full-sized traditional 4×4 rig, these UTVs can blaze through the wide open desert and will leave you with a permanent smile on your face.

baja banditosHaving experienced countless times how brutal and punishing Baja can be, Millen upgraded the stock Polaris for added safety and off-road performance. For starters, five point harnesses and a reinforced roll cage have been added for extra safety. The shocks have been upgraded and tuned for the endless whoops and punishment the Baja roads can serve up and the suspension arms have also been widened and reinforced. Reinforced, heavy-duty tires have been added to the UTVs to combat the notorious abuse that Mexican roads can dish out.

baja banditosBaja Banditos currently offers off-road adventures ranging from two-day trips to week-long excursions. The all-inclusive trips include lodging, meals, and full days of some incredible driving. Using Millen’s knowledge of the remote Baja 1000 race course and some of the off the beaten path gems, the team builds custom guided getaways that allow you to experience a whole side of Baja that many don’t get to see.

baja banditosbaja banditosFrom historic missions to remote beaches where you’re the only one around for miles, each one of Millen’s trip is guaranteed to give you an unforgettable adventure that only comes from experiencing Baja first hand. Let’s not forget the food either! After a long day of bombing across the Baja desert, there is nothing better than relaxing with a cold beer and some incredible Mexican food. The Baja Banditios crew promises to turn you on to some of their favorite family owned and hole-in-the-wall taquerias south of the border.

baja banditosbaja banditosbaja banditosTo learn more about Baja Banditos and to see their upcoming schedule of trips, check out their website or their Facebook page.


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