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NEMO Ditto Slim Wallet

For years I’ve been getting compliments and questions about my Ditto Wallet from NEMO. From its crazy looking material to its velcro closure, everyone wants to get a better look and ask me where I got it. While it’s a little rough around the edges after years of use, I use it every day. While I’ve been thinking about replacing it for some time with a new one, NEMO recently released a second version that caught my attention – the Ditto Slim. The Ditto Slim is a more streamlined approach to the Ditto wallet and is really designed for the minimalist that just wants to carry the basic essentials with them like a couple of cards and a little bit of cash.

Nemo Ditto Slim Wallet

The Slim is pretty much a two-sided sleeve made from upcycled remnants from NEMO’s tents. One side can be used for cards while the other creates a handy pocket for cash. A partial stretch cover extends over the top to keep everything secure and in place.

One of the things that I have always enjoyed about NEMO’s products is the amount of design and thought process that goes into them. From their incredible COSMO Air Sleeping Pad with built-in foot pump to their HELIO Pressure Shower that makes showering at camp easier, NEMO products go through countless revisions, tweaks, and changes before the consumer ever gets their hands on them.

While you would think that designed something as simple as a basic wallet wouldn’t get the same treatment, think again. The NEMO Ditto Slim went through 65 prototypes before they settled on the final design and put it into production.

nemo ditto slim wallet designAs you can see, the evolution of the Ditto Slim from initial idea to final production is incredible. NEMO recently published a great piece on their blog that broke down the design process and their approach to creating the new wallet. It’s rare to get a peek behind the design curtain of most companies, let alone have them walk you through the process. NEMO also posted this fun video showing the evolution of the Ditto Slim:

The Ditto Slim retails for $14.95 and can be purchased directly from NEMO or through one of their many retail partners across the country.

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