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Combat Flip Flops, Something For The Ladies

Combat Flip Flops recently released some new items that we thought the ladies of the MOTUS tribe would enjoy. From a bangle and wrap bracelet made by local artisans in Laos to their first women’s specific flip flops, there is definitely something for every lady to enjoy on this list. Gents, you should take note as well! It might also be good to file these items away in your memory in case you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day next month.

combat flip flops peacemaker banglePeacemaker Bangle ($50)
During the Vietnam War, roughly 270 million bombs were dropped on Laos. 30% of those bombs are still sitting there unexploded next to schools, in fields, and along roadways. Combat Flip Flops has teamed up with local artisans to melt down these unexploded ordnance (UXO) and turn them into hand crafted art like the Peacemaker Bangle. Made from UXO and scrap metal from the war, the Peacemaker Bangle measures 2.6″ in diameter and features the Peacemaker logo and “Dropped + Made in Laos” engraved onto the outside. Not only is it a cool bangle bracelet, but when you buy a Peacemaker you’re helping fund the clearing of 3 square meters of UXO to help save lives.

combat flip flops peacemaker coin wrapPeacemaker Coin Wrap ($50)
Just like the Peacemaker Bangle, the Peacemaker Coin Wrap is made from UXO and scrap metal from the war in Laos. Each hand cast disc features the Combat Flip Flops logo and the Peacemaker name and “Dropped + Made in Laos” engraved onto the surface. The coin threaded onto a lambskin leather wrap that is secured with a simple tie closure. The Peacemaker Coin Wrap can be ordered in Black, Brown, Orange, and Metallic lambskin leather.

combat flip flops bombshell lightBombshell Light ($65)
Combat Flip Flops has recently debuted their first women’s specific flop flop, the Bombshell Light. With a full leather footbed, Afghan patterned straps, and quintessential chrome grenade detailing, the Bombshell Light is finished in nice baby blue and yellow combination. Available in sizes 5 through 10, this limited edition flip flop is US made. 

combat flip flops bombshell darkBombshell Dark ($65)
In addition to the Bombshell Light Flip Flop, Combat Flip Flops has also released the sexy and sleek Bombshell Dark Flip Flops. Featuring a full leather footbed, Afghan patterned straps, and their signature chrome grenade detailing, these flip flops will be perfect when escaping to warm climates or summertime wear. The Bombshell Dark is available in sizes 5 through 10.

combat flip flops COVER AND CONCEALMENTCover and Concealment ($70)
The Cover and Concealment in handmade in Kabul by women, for women. Revealing glimpses of Afghan heritage blended with beautiful fabrics and vibrant colors, the Cover and Concealment works as a scarf, beach wrap, aprés skirt or evening dress. Each Cover and Concealment takes 3 days of individual production time to complete and measures 72″ x 42″. The cotton is hand embroidered with nylon thread and because each one is hand-made, colors and designs may vary slightly from one to the next. The Cover and Concealment is available in four colors: Maritime, Illum, Night Vision, and Blush.

For more information about Combat Flip Flops, you can visit their website and check out their Facebook page. Be sure to take a look at their Claymore Bag we wrote about earlier.

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