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Review: Emerson EDC-1 Multitool

I recently had the pleasure of testing out an Emerson EDC-1 Multitool. The Emerson EDC-1 Multitool is designed and spec’d by Emerson Knives and produced by Multitasker. The EDC-1 It features an Emerson Micro Commander style knife blade with Wave Feature and is available in either a plain edge or partially serrated. The EDC-1 also features a Standard screwdriver with 90/180 degree stops, Phillips screwdriver with 90/180 degree stops, and a detachable prytool with bottle opener and dual gatorwrench cutouts in both Standard and Metric.

If you are anything like me, you are constantly making adjustments to your vehicle engine and you don’t always have an abundance of tools with you.  Whether you’re on the side of the road or the trail, having the wrench in metric and standard measurements makes it easier to get yourself out of the fix you may be in.

emerson edc-1 multitool I have been carrying this multitool for just over a month now. Whether it was in my pocket or in my EDC bag, I have had it with me 24/7.

emerson edc-1 multitool I have used it quite a few times over the month and I have to say that the name multitool is very appropriate. The screwdriver blades and the awl have unique locking features that make it much easier to tighten a screw or punch holes in a belt or strap. Because of the lock, you can even use one hand instead of grasping with two, if necessary.

The large flat blade screwdriver on the wrench can also be used as a scraper for gasket repair or a grungy battery terminal. The awl has a hole that allows you to use it to sew leather or other types of sturdy materials together. The locking blades can also be closed with one hand, which has come in quite handy in a lot of situations.

emerson edc-1 multitool I’m still getting used to the opening feature as you pull it from your pocket, which is very unique but different from any other tool that I have carried in the past.

emerson edc-1 multitool In a survival situation or everyday life, you never know what tools you may need. If you have the Emerson EDC-1, they’re all right there for you when you need them.

emerson edc-1 multitool While this is my first Emerson, I can tell you that it won’t be my last. In short, the EDC-1 is a great product and very well-built! The craftsmanship and design that goes into this tool shines from the very first time you pull it from your pocket. If you’re in the market for a new multitool, be sure to add the EDC-1 to your list of candidates. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Editor’s Note: The Emerson EDC-1 Multitool retails for $184.95 ($189.95 with serrated knife) and can be ordered directly from Emerson Knives. This article was contributed by Jimmy Hyman, a MOTUS 50 member and avid off-road and outdoor enthusiast. He has a passion for knives and is a former Army MP.

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