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Arc’teryx Rigger’s Harness

Arc’teryx Riggers Harness

Designed as a SHTF rescue device, the Rigger’s Harness from Arc’teryx is a unique piece of kit. Packaged as an emergency set-up, the Rigger’s Belt comes with a single mesh sling that folds into two leg loops and the leg loops attach to the belt to form an emergency harness. Wider panels on the mesh sling provide comfortable position while vertical stiffening supports holsters, sub-loads, and pouches.

Arc’teryx Rigger's Harness

The Warp Strength™ Technology used in the Rigger’s Belt uniformly spreads load and distributes both weight and pressure evenly across the entire belt. Vertical fibers are removed from the webbing and the remaining horizontal fibers are combed to a wider profile. Lamination to the exterior material then provides a flat comfortable 2″ wide surface to bear the load of your body weight.

The image below is a sample of the Warp Strength Technology as it is used in the belt. This is only a sample of the material and not the actual belt.

Arc’teryx Rigger's Harness

Arc’teryx Rigger's Harness

The leg loops, which are stored in the supplied bag or in your pack, quickly convert the Rigger’s Belt component into a functional harness. It meets EN certification safety ratings: EN 12277 (harness configuration) and EN 358 (Rigger’s Belt configuration). The Rigger’s Belt fits LEAF SphinxGryphonTalos and Drac pants. This is designed to be worn as a primary belt storing the leg loop in a thigh or hip pocket ready to be deployed.

Having spent several hours in this harness, both as a belt and on the end of a rope, I can say the Warp Technology creates a comfortable design. The belt is capable of handling the mundane task of keeping one’s pants on while giving the piece of mind that when things go wrong, the harness will be ready to respond. While not the most functional buckle closure for pant retention, the climbing harness style closure is needed for strength and safety and it should be used per the manufacturer’s instructions. There is also an integrated loop on the belt to pass a pair of carabiners through. It is recommended to meet cross loading dynamic specifications that two locking carabiners with opposing gates be used as the rope attachment point.

For more information, take a look at the video from Arc’teryx …

Arc’teryx Riggers Harness

Arc’teryx Rigger’s Harness Overview:

Model: 11783
Available in sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL
Weight: 220 g / 7.8 oz (M)
Price: $129 USD


  • Emergency harness set-up in a single pouch
  • Wider panels on sling form comfortable leg loops
  • Bound mesh sling edge is tidy and durable
  • Easily stored, lightweight, supple


  • Tweave® Durastretch™
  • Vapor Mesh™ 7075
  • T6 aluminum anodized buckle

Rappelling in the Rigger’s Harness image courtesy of Military Times Gear Scout / Rob Curtis.

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