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YETI Tank Ice Bucket

If you’re looking for a serious ice bucket, look no further than the YETI Tank. Recently unveiled at the Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City, the Tank takes tailgate parties and get-togethers to the next level. Scheduled for release in Spring of 2014, the YETI Tank is made with their signature Permafrost Insulation and No Sweat Design.


Whether you’re having a family barbecue, tailgate party, or camping weekend with the guys, the TANK will keep your beverages ice cold longer than any other ice bucket on the market. Measuring 19.5″ tall and 25.5″ wide at the top, the TANK holds up to 20.8 gallons. In laymen’s terms, that’s 60 long neck bottles, 96 cans, 1 keg or 20 gallons of your favorite jungle juice or sangria. The YETI Tank retails for $199. For more photos and information about ordering yourself one when they become available, check the YETI website.

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